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Godframe is a Contemporary Christian artist from Batesville, AR. Incorporating Rap, Pop, & R&B into one style, this music is guaranteed to please your ears
6 songs
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Orange&Black Anthem 2010-2011 (ft. Amber Jones)
Official theme song for the 2010-2011 Batesville Pioneers.
You Rule My World (Viva La Vida Remix)
Open Window Pt2
I Got U ft. Sharde Ervin
In Your Arms ft. DeJuan & Belinda Bube
First new single from the upcoming album "You Are Infinite." DOWNLOAD IT FREE RIGHT HERE!!!
Godframe (aka Terrence Ford) is a young man who has no problem standing out in a crowdand standing UP for Jesus Christ. One of his favorite scriptures, 1 Peter 2:9 "But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people..." shows strong in his character, his attitude, his sense of humor, and even the way he chooses to dress. He says, “When I was younger, I tried to fit in and be ‘cool,’ but I never really fit in with the in crowd. What I saw didn’t really appeal to me anyway. Most of my peers were getting drunk, staying high, wasted, pregnant, stoned, whatever. I was never perfect, but I knew that stuff wasn’t for me.” Godframe currently serves as Youth Minister and Music Director at Friendship Baptist Church, Batesville, Arkansas under the leadership of Pastor L.A. Bland. He's studying at the University of Central Arkansas, pursuing a degree in Music Education. He's also a student leader of Breakout Ministries (www.breakout2breakthrough.com) at UCA. "Once God freed me, I knew I couldn't keep it bottled in. I had to tell the world not only that I was free, but that THEY too could break free of their sinful bondage. Situations may look desolate, but God told me in Matthew 19:26 that with Him, ALL things are possible." His mission is to present Jesus Christ to young people in a way that is fun, interesting, and real. His identity scripture is Matthew 16:24, “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross, and follow me.” Because of this Word, Godframe strives to remove self from the picture and instead present Christ to the world for His glory. He does not believe in watering down God’s message. He doesn’t hesitate to share his experiences with broken relationships, his deliverance from a long-hidden struggle with pornography, and other testimonies to show young people that even when the roads of life get rocky, God is still real and He’s there to welcome us into His loving arms, never failing, always faithful. Godframe’s sound is a freshly blended smoothie of many different musical flavors. He says, “I believe God gives me the music this way so it will appeal to a variety of audiences, spreading the gospel further and faster with each new listener. On any given track, you may hear R&B, Pop, Rap, Rock, Soul, Mellow Melodies, or a delicious blend of several of them at once. However, one thing is for certain: I never take credit for what God is doing through me. I know that He is the one who gives me the ability to make this beautiful music. All I am doing is opening my life as a willing vessel to be used for His glory, and I am loving every moment of it!”
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every chance i get
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yo, what stores can i cop that album when it comes out holla back.holy bomber street evangelist.
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