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Crystal singing bowls, voice, flutes & whistles, tabla, hanghang, and zither played as improvised sounds that create a space for deep relaxation and altered sta
Carlos Michael and LeAnn Eriksson, as Wavegarden, play unusual, powerful sounds using crystal singing bowls, hanghang, various kinds of flutes, waveharps, voice, and tabla and other percussion. Wavegarden concerts are full-body experiences. Human bodies, made up of over 70% water, resonate with the vibrations from the bowls and go into a nearly involuntary relaxed state. The bowls also have a strong effect on the brain, not only slowing its activity into alpha or theta wave patterns, but also putting it into a state called "hemi-sync", meaning that waves from the two hemispheres are synchronized. This state of mind and body is an invitation for our audiences to allow space into their lives, for whatever they need...healing, personal growth, spiritual exploration, or simply better sleep at night. Wavegarden music is hard to put into a genre...ambient, chill-out, folk, tango, Indian, Celtic, rock and pop have all made their mark on us as musicians...and "New Age" feels limiting. Many crystal bowl players work with sounds only for vibrational healing. Our sounds are musical as well as relaxing. This music is best listened to with good headphones or a high-end audio system. Don't try it while driving!
Band/artist history
Carlos and LeAnn started playing together in public in late April, 2007 with a concert tour that included Berlin, Vienna, Munich, Cologne, and London. That early experience helped tremendously as we moved on to shows in the US later that year. Carlos has been playing bowls for more than ten years, and began using them as a body worker. Clients commented to him how beautiful their sounds were, and suggested that he try them as instruments...and the more bowls he put together, the better the sound got. He studied tabla for many years in India, so using the bowls as percussion rather than simply playing them as continuous tones was a natural thing to do. He's had a lot of fun creating various, unusual mallets that give his bowl playing a distinct signature sound. LeAnn began playing classical flute at age 10, and she added wooden flute and whistles through her love of Celtic music several years ago. She has had to throw out everything she "knew" about music in order to melt into the sounds of the bowls and begin to play what spontaneously comes. She began singing and writing songs in earnest in 2008 and now loves singing even more than playing the flute. With the help of luthier , Carlos and LeAnn are developing a new instrument called the Waveharp that is based on the zithers they learned about from Laraaji, who converts them from autoharps. Waveharps are tuned pentatonically, and have 38 strings. The bottom two strings are on a fretboard, and the rest are played with special mallets that Carlos has developed. We often collaborate worldwide with various musicians, including hang, saxophone, cello, violin, vibraphone, and zither players, and some of our most exciting moments come in these concerts.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live as often as possible, usually in churches or yoga centers. We love it...the energy from our audiences comes into our sounds, which are improvised and created totally spontaneously, and then goes back out to the audience...so no two concerts are ever alike. We have had many special moments when none of us was conscious of playing...the sounds simply move through us.
Your musical influences
Philip Glass, Steven Halpern, Shivkumar Sharma, Laraaji, Brian Eno, Laurie Anderson, Kate Bush, Elvis Costello, The Pretenders, John Spillane, The Mamas & The Papas, The Beatles, Dead Can Dance, Lunasa, Hariprasad Chaurasia, Indian raga, minimal, chill-out, crystal vibrations, shamanic flute, Celtic, Irish, world music
What equipment do you use?
Crystal singing bowls, many from Crystal Tones, especially a number of special ones from their Alchemy series; wooden Monzani 8-key, simple-system flute c. 1814, wooden keyless Terry McGee flute (modern), silver Prima Sankyo flute, low D Overton whistle, tabla from India, and several Oscar Schmidt autoharps converted into zithers. Pete d'Aigle (see above) expects to have our new Waveharps ready in the summer of 2009.
Anything else?
We have three CDs, "Zen", "Healing Vibration", and "Live in Berlin" available on our web site, www.wavegarden.net. All are great for meditation. The third CD is a collaboration with Laraaji, and was recorded in the Heilig-Kreuz-Kirche in Berlin in May, 2008. We also will be releasing quite a few singles in the coming months, as the material we recorded with Kim Riccelli in November of '09 gets mastered, and as we make new recordings. We have much in the pipeline! Our music is best listened to with headphones or a very high-end sound system, as you can't get the full effect of the crystal singing bowls with computer speakers or small audio systems.
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