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KuttingEdge is a personal artist management Client at present is the multi talented Exciting young singersongwriter SHAWN HARVEY
Devil Inside
Wild Wild Woman
Hi, I'm Silke. I am a personal artist manager and own my own management firm called KuttingEdge. I am also a musician. I play bass, keyboards and drums, and I produce and record as well. At the moment, I am sole personal manager to a great artist called SHAWN HARVEY. He is an extremely talented guy who writes, records and produces all his own material. You can find him here on Soundclick at http://www.soundclick.com/shawnharvey , and also on Besonic at http://www.besonic.com/shawnharvey . For more info on this brilliant guy you can visit his official web site at http://www.shawnharvey.com . SHAWN is very successful on the net with his unique style of music,ELECTRO RETRO, a fusion of Rock'n'Roll, R&B, Country, Blues and modern Dance and House beats. This year he has appeared on SKY TV, Taunton TV and also at many big showcase events all over the country, including the famous POPSHOW in Covent Garden, London. His stage act and musical style has proven extremely popular with the crowds and there are all indications that a record deal is only just around the corner. There certainly has been a lot of interest in his work. This page showcases some of his most recent work, and should anyone be interested in making contact with this exciting young artist, please feel free to contact me.
Band/artist history
I started playing bass in 1990 and gigged throughout the 90's. Later on, I taught myself keyboards and drums and got involved in session work in the studio. I also produce and record myself. Over the last two years, I have got more and more involved in personal management, and now am sole personal manager to SHAWN HARVEY.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have played live in the past and enjoyed it very much. At present, I am concentrating on my managerial career instead, but still do the occassional session work in the studio. Special moment - must be when at a wedding reception things went sour between the inlaws and we as the band became the scapegoats. A rut broke out and everyone including bride and groom were in a punch up and the wedding cake went flying! My advise - never play weddings!
Your musical influences
Influences in SHAWN's work are many - from 1950's Rock'n'Roll right through to modern day Dance and House. Styles included in his uniqye fusion of music are Rock'n'Roll, R&B, Country, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Pop, Ballads, Motown, Gospel, Glam, 80's Pop. Some of his favorite artists are Chuck Berry, Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Abba, Blondie, Shania Twain, Aqua, Cardigans, Billy Idol, and many more Rock'n'roll greats from the 50's, 60's and 70's.
What equipment do you use?
Yamaha keyboards, electric guitars: Hohner, Gretsch, accoustic guitars: Crafter, Yamaha drum machine, Pandoras Box guitar effects pedal, Shure mic, Tascam reel to reel 4 tracker (for home recorded demos)
Anything else?
I feel that SHAWN is one of the most exciting young artists I have ever met. He has got bags of talent and a huge potential! Any record companies not wanting to sign him up will be the ones missing out! Go check out his sites now and see for yourselves! http://www.soundclick.com/shawnharvey http://www.besonic.com/shawnharvey http://www.shawnharvey.com
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