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Muhammad Ayers
Muhammad Ayers
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My Baby
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Roll With Me
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Ladies and Gentlemen, Muhammad Ayers There is an old saying amongst the music community that reads, You can find a singer on any block, but a true musician is hard to find. Nowhere does that saying hold more truth than in the music industry as we know it today. It is also with this saying that we present to you one of R &Bs hottest rising stars, Muhammad Ayers. Born and raised in Bayou Sale, La Muhammad is a hometown boy. His parents, gifted musicians in their own right, quickly immersed he and his other siblings, eight in all between them, in the world of music. Playing a number of musical instruments, they all honed their musical skills in the local high school bands and talent shows, quickly becoming hometown favorites for their stirring renditions of songs from such groups as The Jackson Five, En Vogue, and Tevin Campbell just to name a few. Finishing High School and moving onto College, The Ayers Kids, as many have come to know them by, took their talents abroad. It was here that Muhammad attended Southern University and participated in every talent show and took advantage of every opportunity to showcase his talent as a singer. After garnering a name for himself around Baton Rouge for his talents, Muhammad was quickly recognized as The Man With The Crazy Range and thus was tapped by the legendary Dr. Issac Greggs to perform with The Southern University Marching Band by singing the song Reasons at the 1998 Bayou Classic. The name of that song would later become his Crab name after he decided to join The SU Human Jukebox in 1999 to according to Muhammad, Pay his dues to Southern University. The Human Jukebox is an institution unto itself. A lot of people have gone through a lot of things to wear that famous S on the chest. But not everyone gets TO wear it. While at Southern Muhammad also joined the SU Jazz ensemble under the direction of another Southern Legend, Dr. Alvin Batiste, where he became the main performance vocalist while there. Muhammad was determined to finish his collegiate career @ Southern, but after the unfortunate early passing of his sister Jamiylah due to complications with epilepsy, Muhammad transferred to LSU where he became a full-time theater major. There Muhammad flourished as a young actor starring in such plays as Wine in The Wilderness, The Chemistry of Change, Shakespeares The Tempest, and even won the best actor in Louisiana for theater award, for his gripping portrayal of Paul in the critically acclaimed production, Six Degrees of Separation. Muhammad also joined several live performance bands in the city, becoming one of the most-sought after names in the cover-band circuit. Reading about all of his accolades, one might think Muhammad to be content with being The Man Out Front. But alas the technician in him that honed his craft behind the boards as a writer and producer longed for more. A chance meeting with close friends and now business partners Reginald and Sydney Thomas at the behest of his mother would make his dream of becoming the artist that he has always longed to be a reality. A few months later they together would form Jazz 77 Productions LLC, a recording and production company dedicated to producing the best in music and entertainment that Louisiana has to offer. The company is even named after his dearly departed sister Jamiylahs nickname. Her stamp of approval he says. Everybody needs a good luck charm. And shes the best angel that I know. That good luck charm seems to be serving him well, with the release of his debut album 26, named as he puts it For the 26 years that it has taken him to come this far in life, music, and an understanding of what folks want to hear. One could not ask for a better introduction to the world of music at large than this debut, from the Top of the albums intro to the end of the albums bonus track, every song was created with the purpose of being a single. So that you would never have to skip one song. And after one listen, we are more than confident that youll agree that the mission has been accomplished. Even more impressive, is that Muhammad wrote, produced, arranged every sound that youll hear. Every voice, every word, every instrument was conceived and performed by Muhammad Ayers with a few special guest appearances from some of Louisianas finest artists. And the people have responded. Muhammads debut single Nothing Better was placed in rotation at Baton Rouges top station Max 94.1 on August 6th 2006, and quickly became one of the summers most talked about new singles, even making it to the top countdown on the station as well as enjoying a stint at the number one slot for one week straight with a few reappearances at said spot even to this day. That coupled with the fact that Muhammads album has sold its first 1000 copies within a months time without the support of a major distributor or a major record label, and I think its safe to say that our confidence in Muhammad as an artist is not unfounded. We at Jazz 77 productions believe that music is a gift that is meant to inspire, uplift, and just plain entertain. And it is our sincerest hope that the masses embrace this young talent because he is one of the truest representations of where music is headed today. Be it hip-hop, R&B, Gospel, or even country, Jazz 77 productions plans to be at the forefront of the music industry in every way possible. And with everyone showing their face cards to find their advantage, we now present to you, our ace. Muhammad Ayers.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do. Live performance is everything to me. My father raised me under the idea that if an artist can't cut it LIVE, he's not a true artist. Therefore I take it very seriously. It's the centerpiece of who Muhammad Ayers as an artist is. I perform several places around the country as well as overseas. My favorite place however is right there in New Orleans on Bourbon St. There you will find some of the most gifted musicians to ever walk the earth. On the street and the club I LOVE IT TO DEATH. If I could die onstage while holding my last note I would. As far as any speacial moments? My greates performance would have to be at The Bayou Classic in 1998. I, a former SU Jaguar Human Jukebox member, sang "Reasons" by Earth, Wind, and Fire at the battle of the bands the Friday before the big game. That particular performance got the most "House" as we call it and it was unbelievable. That and the following year when at the same event I sang "Because I Love You" by Lenny Williams at the last Classic of the century. Those two moments combined let me know "For Real, For Real", LOL, that this was what I wanted to do. To just have over 70 plus thousand peaple on their feet and at your command from the first note to the last is an experience that to this day has not been matched! Not just musically, but PERIOD!
Your musical influences
There are so many. Too many to list. Mainly because I'm inspired by everything. Rock, pop, R&B, country, Hip-Hop, Classical, Samba, Prince(LOL! The man has his own genre of music!) You name it, I find relevance.
What equipment do you use?
Essentially I recorded all of the music that you'll here for now on Reason 3.0. I then recorded my vocals at Sockit Studios in Baton Rouge, LA with my engineer Devin Kirkpatrick. The new stuff is a combination of so many boards as far as sounds. But I always do my drum and percussion programming on Reason. Unless it's a live song which requires real drums and a LIVE Drummer. I also always record the keys and the live bass if necessary in a straight take. No comping. I believe that when those "Happy Little Accidents" occur in music, which as of late has been all but eliminated due to structured sequencing, that's when what makes a song even more unique is born
Anything else?
As always, together we can change the face of music one lyric, one verse, one song, one fan, and one day at a time. Peace, God Bless, and please....Keep Listening.
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