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Seminal Shade
Seminal Shade
12 Tracks
blues rock, Canadian music, Calgary music, DB, Monk, Karbon Records
12 songs
ABOUT SEMINAL SHADE: A song writing and recording duo from Calgary, Alberta, Seminal Shade self-produces an eclectic brand of music firmly rooted in the traditions established by rock n roll contemporaries. They dont have a political agenda and they dont provide social commentaries. Simply, they want you to embrace, enjoy, allocate and relate to their music. Far from regurgitating hackneyed popular music long since decayed, Seminal Shade truly embodies the fledgling essence of rock n roll, respecting the groundwork laid by countless archetypal performers beforehand. The end product is a starkly fresh. Thematically, the group compellingly blends sounds and lyrics with familiar refrains, distinguished by the individuality of its two members: DB, (The Visionary)- Vocalist, lyricist, pianist, songwriter and the resolved instigator of Seminal Shades creative process. As the more modern and progressive partner of Seminal Shade, DB crafts universal lyrical landscapes with rather self-serving and ironic themes, instantly relating to a broad audience. His passion is self-evident during the groups evolutionary song-writing process, offering up the basis of most compositions through poetry, chord progressions or simple personalized anecdotes. His art tends to mirror his reality with sex, liberal social practices and passions for life featured prominently in the work of Seminal Shade. Monk, (The Technician)- Guitarist, bassist, percussionist, songwriter and the man who makes the wheels turn. The more pragmatic, enigmatic and industrial partner of Seminal Shade, Monk is the consummate yin to DBs yang. Through layered instrumentation and creative engineering, Monk develops the initial premises put forth in the song-writing process to introduce musical atmospheres complimentary to the lyrical dialogue of Seminal Shades work. Monks contribution to Seminal Shade is a musical melting pot developed from diverse musical influences and experiences. The collective mission of Seminal Shade is to produce, promote and disburse its music to the masses. Given this underlying mantra, the group has embraced the capacities of the Internet to meet this basic objective. The music is too good not to have it in the hands of the most people possible so multiple digital distribution means have been established by the band such as our soundclick page. oDispense of the mass-marketed absurdity embodied by current pop music and visit Seminal Shade at the above addresses for an honest, pure, forceful and genuine musical experience.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We'll play when you are ready to hear us.
Your musical influences
You can hear multiple sources of inspiration throughout the album. Our music evokes various references of styles, genres and artists from different time periods. We love intelligent listeners who can distinguish for themselves what we are about.
What equipment do you use?
You tell us......
Anything else?
Love is there when the High Times are for Me.
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