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21st Infantry
21st Infantry
12 Tracks
A company, a label, a group and a squad.
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Gotta Go Ft. Lady V
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Underground Bosses The Intro
21st Infantry Live at The Lava Lounge
21st Infantry, a future rap dynasty, was started by the late Christopher �Val� Wright and inherited by his two younger cousins Maurice �William Costello� Wright and Fonte �Lucky Lunatik� Goggins. Born in 1990, both Costello & Lucky were influenced heavily by the lifestyles which they were exposed. Growing up on the east side of Baltimore Maryland, they saw everything from success and progress to drugs and violence and everything in between. Music has always been a part of their lives. They would listen to the lyrical execution of Val aka Phoenix, 2pac, the Notorious Big, the Wu Tang Clan, Nas, Jay- Z, Three 6 Mafia, and other mainstream and underground artists. By the seventh grade Costello and Lucky tried to start their own rap factions that didn�t become successful, although it started them on their own style. One day in the cafeteria of Mervo High School, Costello, Lucky & friend Prentice started free styling. It started to evolve into a daily event leading to rap battles with peers and recognition not as rappers, but as a force along with friends like Young Tank of R-Me entertainment. When talking about recording, 21st Infantry started with less than adequate equipment. Costello and Lucky along with Emmanuel �Hypnotic� White started recording with an instrumental cd, mp3 player, and a Playstation2. They would create an instrumental CD, play it on the Playstation2, and record the entire song on the mp3 player all in one take. Although this process resulted in poor sound quality, the team would crank out songs full of emotion and a vibe that was unmatched by most local artists. This team of Costello, Lucky, and Hypnotic had their first show at the �In the Spot Light� talent show hosted by Anthony Jeter on December 9, 2007. The show�s structure was nothing like they expected, but their performance was the rush needed to put their rap motors in drive. Shortly after, the lineup of Costello, Lucky, and Hypnotic was reduced to Costello and Lucky due to schedule and time conflicts. Since that day, Lucky and Costello vowed to take their music to the next level and strive to make 21st Infantry a rap duo that could be compared with similar groups like UGK and Method man and Redman. 21st Infantry is able to create unique music in a home studio by writing their own lyrics and producing their own music on semi professional equipment. After almost a year, 21st Infantry planned to drop their first mixtape called Underground Bosses. The next step is still unknown as 21st Infantry is doing some self promotion and trying to put together a Baltimore City rap network. To Costello and Lucky, 21st Infantry is a rap duo, a squad, a family, a way of life, and to the world a dynasty in the making.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We've performed at a few venues so far. We're still working on getting more gigs. We love the feeling of doing a live performance, its intoxicating.
Your musical influences
My Cousin Val, Jay-Z, Keith Murray, Ludacris, Shyne, Biggie, T.I., Webbie, UGK, Eminem, and DMX.
What equipment do you use?
Acoustica Mixcraft, Magic Music Editor, Adobe Audition and an Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser Microphone
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