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Dave Skywalker
Dave Skywalker
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Breakbeats, Kickdrums, Synths, Stabs, Bass, and more. Hardcore - Techno - Breakbeats - Jungle - Dubstep. Everything!
"I've often wondered whether Dave Skywalker is a genius or just plain lucky. When I first got talking to Dave, he was writing huge quantities of music in all different styles. I actually don't think I've ever come across anyone as diverse and productive since! He's a highly intelligent and creative character and you can see that in everthing he does.. Maybe this is just because he is so experimental. I can think of dozens of his tracks that would have been classics had they been released at the right time. I always look forward to hearing his new music as I expect to be shocked again by his radical take on eveything.. Oh - and everything I've said also applies to Dave's DJ skills." - DJ Hattrixx "Skywalker was playing when I got there. I have known Dave for a while, but never heard him play. Astraboy was already rockin' out to the set, which was superb. A fantastic mixture of gabba / jungle and wierdness. I knew Dave could mix and make good tracks, but was impressed by not only his technical abilities, but his relaxed / bonkers antics behind the decks. Within 10 minutes I was leaping around like all the other nutters.. I even had glowsticks lol.. fantastic set." - Luna C, Kniteforce Records "[I've] played alongside dave a few times now. We've had old skool sets, old hardcore, upfront hardcore and even a jungle techno set down at Ministry of Sound which went down really well. Dave and I have different styles in the music and mixing abilities which go so well together." - DJ Upfront "Absolutely tore the roof off and threw down one of the best sets I've ever heard, evar! if he'd come on at 2am when I was on one I think I would have probably exploded TBH Awesome mate, awesome!" - A raver @ Bangface, Sep 2006
Band/artist history
Dave Skywalker has always been into electronic music. By 1986, at the age of 8 he was listening to US house music, having purchased his first record - Steve Silk Hurleys "Jack Your Body" - and was already annoying his neighbours with that "boom boom boom" music. As house inevitably moved into hardcore around 1990, Skywalker followed; throughout secondary school he was known simply by his nackname: "Hardcore". During college in 1994, Skywalker began to produce hardcore mix tapes for friends under the name DJ Dream which then became DJ Kirby, and by 1996 had began producing his own music using free software under the name "DJ Skywalker". Some of which he then distributed himself under the Mad-P e-mailing list he ran. During 1996 to 2000 he played in venues around Bournemouth, UK, as part of the University student union, most notably Bournemouths lapdancing club "LoveSexy" and The Gardening Club. In 1999 though the assistance of Lee Richardson aka DJ Delirious he released his first dubplate, "Time and Time", and played a few guest slots on London-based "interFACE" radio. After graduating in 2001 Dave Skywalker released his first vinyl single on Nu Underground Recordings which he ran with companions DJ Hattrixx and DJ Dizzy. This was the now infamous, and considerably remixed, "Killerwhale", credited with being the first breakbeat hardcore tune released in the new 'old-skool' style, premiered on London's Hyper FM. Dave Skywalker has released tunes on vinyl, CD, and digital foramts on such labels as Underground Feeling and self-operated Breakbeat Hardcore (BBHC) alongside the website BreakbeatHardcore.com. More releases are due out shortly. Dave Skywalker now appears at old skool and hardcore events around the country, and predominately plays hardcore with a breakbeat slant, but is also known for playing old skool (Dave was also nominated in the 2006 Old Skool Awards as best up and coming DJ and also at the 2006 Musik4You awards for best new producer), and also harder breakcore sets and PA's under the monicker "Random Attack", also available on soundclick at http://www.soundclick.com/randomattack. In the past year Daves popularity has been growing, thanks not only to his award nominations, but also due to bookings at events such as Raindance, Moondance, Hysteria, Hardcore Overload, and other smaller events such as High Voltage. He is also regularly invited to guest alongside DJs on their own radio shows.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Dave is based in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, and plays around the UK.
Your musical influences
Moby, Acen, The Prodigy, Dylan, Shitmat, EC8OR, Alec Empire, DJ Scud, The Panacea, Luna-C, SMD, Vibena, Ratty, Tango, Basement Phil, Jungle Techno in general, Renk Records, Bong-Ra, SL2, Basement Records, Hattrixx, Kid 606, Evol Intent, DHR
What equipment do you use?
A combination of hardware, software, VST/VSTi's and a number of other things!
Anything else?
BOOKING HISTORY: ============== 2009 JANUARY: History of Hardcore @ Jacks (London, 24th January) FEBRUARY: Chemical Heaven @ Intake (Mansfield, 7th February), High Voltage @ Angel (Bedford, 27th February) MARCH: Epidemik Afterpary @ Club Life (formerly The Factory, Vauxhall - London, 29th March) APRIL: Kompound Frakture @ Platform 9 (Guildford, 18th April) 2008 JANUARY: Epidemik @ Ministry of Sound (London) MARCH: Epidemik @ Ministry of Sound (London) APRIL: Accelerate @ East Oxford Community Centre (Oxford), Bang Face: The Weekender (Camber) MAY: The Elusis Project @ The Rampant Lion (Manchester) JULY: Epidemik @ The Junction (Cambridge), Elation @ Factory (London) AUGUST: Slammin Vinyl Sanctuary Festival 2008 @ Matterley Bowl (Winchester), Bang Face Boat Party @ River Thames (London), Riverdance 11: The After-Party @ Temple Pier (London) SEPTEMBER: Hardcore Underground 3 Launch Party @ Fever (Northampton) OCTOBER: Kompound Frakture @ The Emporium (Fleet) NOVEMBER: Epidemik @ The Junction (Cambridge), Bounce 2 This @ Subway City (Birmingham), No Skillz Aloud @ TM Bar (Northampton) DECEMBER: Bang Face @ Elektrowerkz (London), Lean 2 Mean @ Fever (Northampton, 21st December) 2007 JANUARY: Bang Face @ Elektrowerkz (London) FEBRUARY: Epidemik @ The Junction (Cambridge) MARCH: Epidemik @ The Junction (Cambridge), Radioactive Hardcore @ The Angel (Bedford), Epidemik @ Ministry of Sound (London) APRIL: Bang Face @ Elektrowerkz (London), Tasty @ Mass (London) MAY: Push Up @ Cross Kings (London) JUNE: Moondance @ seOne (London) OCTOBER: Breakpirates 6th Birthday @ The Rampant Lion (Manchester, 13/10/07) DECEMBER: Epidemik 12th Birthday @ Ministry of Sound (London, 07/12/07), Cruze-In @ OCs Bar (Sutton Coldfield, 28/12/07), Moondance @ seOne (London, 31/12/07) 2006 JANUARY: Moondance @ seOne (London) MARCH: Subliminal Discharge @ Deep Blue (London) APRIL: Raindance @ seOne (London) MAY: Hysteria @ seOne (London), Old Skool Awards @ KoKo (London) JUNE: Hardcore Overload @ The Emporium (Coalville) JULY: High Voltage @ The Angel (Bedford) SEPTEMBER: Epidemik @ Ministry of Sound (London), Bang Face @ Elektrowerkz (London) OCTOBER: Musik4You Awards @ Destiny (Watford), Extreme Old Skool @ OC's Bar (Birmingham) NOVEMBER: Epidemik @ Ministry of Sound (London) DECEMBER: Epidemik @ The Junction (Cambridge), Out of This World 2 @ Renaisance Rooms (London), Polysexual vs Twisted @ Heaven (London), Moondance @ seOne (London) 2005 JAN: Epidemik/Back To the Oldskool @ KoKo (London) MARCH: Fruit Club @ Brunel Rooms (Swindon) MAY: Subliminal Discharge @ Mass (London) AUGUST: Total Bedlam vs Vibealite @ The Venue (Long Eaton) SEPTEMBER: Timelapse @ Masons (Thrapston) NOVEMBER: Cruze In @ JDs Bar (Sutton Coldfield) DECEMBER: Moondance @ seOne (London) 2004 FEBRUARY: Renegade @ Queens Ents (Cambridge) APRIL: Club Lockup @ EQ (London) MAY: Sunday Sundae @ The Peacock (London) JUNE: Resonance Sunday Skool @ The Peacock (London) JULY: Independance @ The Peacock (London) AUGUST: 2 Fat Ladies @ The Peacock (London) OCTOBER: H-Bomb 2: Fight Night @ Phatz (Maidenhead) NOVEMEBR: Remember Remember @ The Rhythm Factory (London) 2003 SEPTEMBER: Resonance Sunday Skool @ The Peacock (London) DECEMBER: Club Lockup @ Limelight (London) 1996-2000 Various Bournemouth venues with the Bournemouth DJ Society RADIO WORK: ========== 2000 Guest slot on interFACE pirate radio, on the monday night DJ Delirious show. 2001 Guest slot on interFACE radio on DJ Delirious show, and guest slot on London based pirate station Hyper FM alongside DJ Hattrixx. 2003 Guest slot on Breakpirates R.A.W sunday night shows, and Dave commences his own show on Wednesday nights from 7pm to 8.30pm. 2004 Numerous guest slots on Breakpirates R.A.W and cotinues the weekly Wednesday night show. 2005 Continuing weekly show on Breakpirates and Dave is invited to do two guest slots appearing on the DJ Cruze show on Hardcore Regime radio. 2006 Dave continues to broadcast weekly on wednesday nights 7-8.30pm on Breakpirates, and begins a fortnightly slot on wednesdays from 8.30-10pm on Happy Nation radio. Dave has also guested on the DJ Cruze show on Hardcore Regime. 2007 Dave continues to broadcast regular slots on Breakpirates and Happy Nation, and at the time of writing has been invited to join History of Hardcore radio, and is in the process of beginning management of Epidemik radio. 2008 Dave continues to broadcast regular slots on Breakpirates every Wednesday, and in January commences a monthly slot alongside DJ Cruze, DJ Delite and Dave Control called Real Hardcore DJs on Bosh FM.
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