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J-Taurus (NJ2LV2PA)
J-Taurus (NJ2LV2PA)
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Different, wierd, crazy, strange, bangin
Lost My Mind
Peak position #89
It's just me for now and I'll put some of my friends on here when they come out with there new $h!+. I been comin on this site for a long ass time, but never put anything on, so here.
Band/artist history
I been writin since I was about 10 I think. As a teen ager I put a few tracks down, but they got lost over the years. Also as a teen ager I made a few rap vidoes f@$kin around, but jus for $h!+s n giggles. I'm not a rapper nor do I claim to be....Yet. I jus write songs and mess around on my computer.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No. Never.
Your musical influences
Eminem, Tupac, Biggy, Big Pun, Nas, Beanie Sigel, WuTang Clan, Cypress Hill, Bone Thugs, Atmosphere, Swollen Members, Dr. Dre, Snoop, Ice Cube, Eazy E, 50, D12, G Unit, Lil Rob, Mr. Capone E,.......I can keep goin. Basicaly old school $h!+ I grew up with or anything deep and different.
What equipment do you use?
My pen, pad and my insane off the wall thoughts. Just recently I blew the dust off my MTV Music Generator and started makin beats.