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Understated ambient music from southern Indiana. The synthesis of the organic and the synthetic.
Although my sound is often very "ambient" in nature, I don't wish to limit myself only to ambient music. My music transcends a simple genre category. Rather than just stay within a genre, I prefer to work within specific ideas. As such, Pandable music usually draws from a combination of organic sounds and synthetic sounds, and recompiles the two into a synthesis of the natural and unnatural. Pandable music always has a concept to it; an element of ritual or of transformation.
Band/artist history
The Pandable project was born in 2001 when a then 14-year-old Jason Crowe began exploring sound synthesis through soft synths and his first synthesizer, a Juno 106. Since then, Pandable's sonic repetoire has expanded to cover a variety of electronic elements and acoustic instruments. As of late, Jason has been working on his newly-founded CD-R label, Hidden Stream, and working on putting the finishing touches on his 2007 release, the ambient 'In the Shadow of Summers Now Past.' On the side, Jason spins as a goa and psytrance DJ, and runs a midwest area psychedelic trance production crew, Psycycle Productions. 2004: Lunaris Old Henderson (Under now the now finished side-project name The Rhapsody) Mirrors (The Rhapsody) 2005: The Visitant (The Rhapsody) Music for Four Synthesizers 2006: Alchemy & Transmutation EP You Could Hear the Stars (CD-Single) Upcoming Releases: In The Shadow of Summers Now Past (2007) Marburg EP (2007) The Rhapsody Live (2CD) (2007) Solaris (???) Film Credits: Dry Branches (Mantis Pictures 2006) (Soundtrack)
Your musical influences
Solar Fields, Shpongle, Robert Rich, Raison D'etre, Steve Reich, Bohren and der Club of Gore, Claude Debussy, Biosphere, Dead Voices on Air, Kammarheit, Endvra, Zero Kama, The Incredible String Band, other stuff.
What equipment do you use?
Kurzweil K2500, Juno 106, Novation Bass-station, Yamaha RM-50, Yamaha promix01 digital mixer, tons of softsynths, field recordings, electronic effects and treatment/processing options, my laptop and desktop computer, human voice, tibetan bone flute, bells, kalimba, bansuri, shakuhachi, damaru.
Anything else?
aim - the attack panda email - attackpanda@gmail.com feel free to contact me.
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