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im an old skool producer ....i don like most of the "urban" hip-hop" im not a kid...i get inspired by people like el-pee,dilated,common,nas,big daddy kane,schoo
sheisty safman-liter
SUBATOMiKNATiON has been on the scene for more then 20 years and is garantied oldskool. about 42 independend release in europe alone the NATion maintains a steady old cool sound that has heard there beats bang from the biggest and fattest shows all over europe...and not only hiphop.the list includes early fusion,gabber,rock,metal,jazz,funk,dance,lounge,d&b and a few soundtracks for short movies......sooner or later all of these styles will be added ...keep an eye out aight! http://www.facebook.com/rayden.elodie www.youtube.com/SUBATOMiKNATiON subscribe here or on one of the above if you want to always get the newest info
Band/artist history
man i have 40 plus releases to my name .. ...i dont even remember all of them .. but who cares ..music is evolution ...i rarely look back but most of it was independently released or re-released . did truckloads of remixes (i still do from time to time) but thats to easy to mention almost,not really a challenge.... or should i say track-rape hehe i have produced so much i lost track of most of what i did in my early years ...but i don care ....cause i will never quit !!! ol' skool for life!! currently im working with several groups on several dutch hiphop projekts and i have a litle secret projekt going that people will find out about in time... plus im working on several projekts with amd and 072 tv keep an eye out on youtube abd facebook!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i have a special moment every time light up hehe
Your musical influences
4500 records 1200 dvd's 600 videogames woman and smoking joints ....my partners in hip hop.....and loads of stoner rock,jazz and hiphop music in all its forms and dont forget ...videogames
What equipment do you use?
pc:reason5,sonar x1 producer ,turntables,and various video editing equipment hardware: mostly recording equipment ....rhodes mics,m-audio key station etc.old akai samplers and experimental vst plug ins....but the most important tool i use is my brainsoul and my ears ......keeping it real and pure
Anything else?
SUBATOMiKNATiON is known for its old skool sounds for many years now and delivers on a semi regular basis dope tracks that leave mc;s,singers etc some room to fill it up a bit wich in general is a great plus for almost any real artist . SUBATRONiK is the techo/trip/experimental side of the nation and should only be listen to when blazin a phat one so ............one world,many beats,countless words ..thats hiphop ,and thats real peace!!
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