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I'm just a normal person, in this normal life. Nice, easy outgiong, and simple. I just happen to have a talent. That's all. It doesn't make me a god, nor does
Disk 1 - Track 1: "Tune In"
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Disk 1 - Track 2: "My Demo Tape"
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Disk 1 - Track 3: "Happy Hour"
Disk 1 - Track 4: "Ordinary Day"
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Disk 1 - Track 5: "Live Alive"
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It's been one year since Election Day and my Solo Record.........is finally up for FREE online streaming. Alright. Finally! After one year of the actual hard copy release, I am ready and done. The official Election Day release on November 4th, 2008 is here. And it's yours for the taking. I announced it long ago and it has been anticipated since. I'm so happy this is over. I hope you enjoy it. Now, I can move along and leave this behind me. That this is over with. Again, I am a not for profit artist. Starving, but for sure, doing it correctly. That means, FREE albums for everyone. No sales. Look for it wherever you may roam. I'm everywhere. __________________________________________ Here are a few LIVE Testimonials/reviews. Word on the street. See what people are saying: "Elfy is speaking up on things that nobody is saying. This guys for real. Under any circumstance, hell be on the front line. Hes there for us. Ive learned so much from him. In times of trouble, this guy will speak up for you. There will be issues and things youre going to have to deal with. This man will be there." Fidel (Gorilla Promo) Yo sh*t is tight homie. You need to be working on a DVD." _______________________________________________ Elvis-enjoyed meeting you,listening to your Cd,and getting this...I'm Mark, maybe we can put something together on the performance/event level. I'm a pro promoter here in town.....till some time in the near future..peace. - Mark Shurilla (WAMI Award-winner) Damn Elfy. You a militant, man. Hahah. Sh*t is real. I'm bumping it right now. Really feeling it. Keep it up. - DJ Palastine All I got to say is, this is a Milwaukee CLASSIC! - Mike Lee (Club Rain/Fuego) Yeah. Its definitely YOU. Dao Vang (Bro-in-law) Im digging the album man. Definitely learned some shit about your culture from it. DJ Mighty Thor You should really let the kids hear it. This should be for them. It lets them know the separation between fame and passion. Chue Vang (Church) Your stuff is different. You have something to say. Ive got your back all the way. - DJ Shortround _____________________________________________ Yeah. Everybody said it is the bomb from you. Cant argue with that man. Im gonna need you to feature in my 2nd upcoming album for sure. Stay true to the Hmong. Tou Saik gave me the CD yesterday at the New Year. I listening all day today man. I gonna say is the best I ever heard from a Hmong artist. I hope one day you make it to the industry and be the first Hmong to made it. Good luck. You got my full support. Tsis K (California) _____________________________________________ I really like Instrumental. It reminds me of allergic, which is so far my favorite song of yours. I also like the things you use and say. I really like the album. Its got your personality and YOU written all over it. Felt like I was having a conversation with you. Its deep and inspirational. Kudos. By the way, I love Never Again. I was listening to it after a bitching from my mom about school., - Linda Vang (MN) _____________________________________________ It was good all the way through. I listened from beginning to end. It was powerful. VARIOUS _____________________________________________ Track 5 Live Alive made me think. I liked it. It was really you. My Hate, Your Love. Reminded me of all of our relationships. Especially me and Ger. Nancy Garza Yeah. Me and Kou agree too. Hehe. Mai Sue _____________________________________________ Yo sh*t was tight man. It was real. I appreciate it man. You intelligent. - Geno I liked track 2 on your second disk (Instrumental). Its long. But its good to hear just YOU sometime. Without the music. That was my best one. Shirley Track 2 was the best. You kept it real. Its not all about the fame you know. Youre right. We need to focus on more support for the artists. Tou Sue That was dope. How you kept it accapella and just spoke. DJ DLo _____________________________________________ Why you so humble? I sense that you feel you have to explain yourself. Dont do that. Fuck the hate. Fuck the love. Once the music is out. It is no longer yours. Its the peoples. Love it or hate it. It belongs to them. Let them deal with it. Let it go. At least you had the courage to say it. Adebisi _____________________________________________ I must say. That CD you gave me was good. I really, really liked it. It had a lot in it. And was very talented. Now that I heard it, I really want to come into the studio. I mean, it was one of the best I ever heard of all time. Period. Donny (Student/Shelter Home) _____________________________________________ Ey. Ur CD's raw man. Feeling it! Still listening yo! First disk still replaying tracks and listening but so far real good man. Good sh*t bro! Talk about a movement. Ha. There it is! People gon' get it twisted but of course yo, it's you. Got much respect yo! Its real nice though still. Anyways, we all just chillin listening to it and all so you got a bunch of listeners yo! I make sure they understand. Ha. It's cool bro! Everythings good. Good ups! Dookie (Milwaukee, WI minor) ____________________________________________________ Success is the only revenge. Loving the CD. My grandfather was Chinese adopted into a Lor family. History is just weird. Different? Hopefully in a good way. Haha. Actually listening to it right now again cause I wanted to listen to the words carefully. See Lor I am excited and proud of your accomplishments. Wish you the very best. Funny Guy Sai (Comedian) _____________________________________________ It was a good show! I enjoyed it! Thanks for the invite. Thanks Elvis! Let me know what about the events that you have going on too and i'll try to come to them. i'm at the beginning stages of trying to see where i can start with making postitive changes. I think it's awesome that you are trying to reach out to the younger generation. My dad does alot of non profit work but I think he reaches out more to the older generation and the younger ones are the ones who are the future. Keep doing what you are doing! i like the cd. my favorite is Hmong history ex. it's the cd i've been playing in my car. Take care and see ya around. -Maiko myspace.com/maiko_xiong hey elfy! great performance last night! no, i thought it fit in well with the program. Amy _____________________________________________________________________ I wasted a lot of Life trying to figure out what to do, and now ... never enough time! We make it, we Survive. Fres and I have had some hardcore discussions about the Hmong people, culture, and their adversity. It really upset me that not only did I not know more about their struggle but that more people in general are so unfamiliar with this story. Your words read truth ... honesty ... let's get build more bridges, less walls ... I will return Brother. All the best! ABSOLUTELY!!! I'm hooked on your disc 1 - trk 8-9 BRO ... All of it, actually... every time I listen, I learn. Let's talk shop soon! I got A LOT out of your record ... most importantly, 'AFFIRMATION'. We gotta stay together and bring people together in the Dark times. I know, that's what you're doing. It's beyond the spoken word, it's a feeling. Take care, stay well, and stay you Bro! Keep in reach ... - Dan (SpeedFreaks) Metal ______________________________________________________________ It was a good CD man. The messages were strong. I listened the whole way, both discs. Good stuff. Yeah, Winner gave it to me the other day. He liked it too. Though he says its kind of crazy. The dude really thinks you need counseling. Hahah. Cedric (Michigan) Yo. Thats what Im talkin about man. This is the album weve been waiting for. It finally happened. And I knew it was going to be you. You were always different from the rest of them man. I always knew you had something. I liked you the most. We drove all the way down just because I heard you were throwing your release. Nobody is speaking the messages you are speaking man. The world needs to hear this. Thanks. - Seymore (Green Bay) I believe in Elvis man. Give him my money. Hes got all my support. Dan ( Green Bay) My Hate, Your Love was a very deep and emotional song. It was compact with so many points and views. It made me cry. Your sister Bao didnt really understand it until I explained it to her. But it was very moving. It touched me. Thats a song that is catchy and correct and can attract many ears. I really liked it. There was also a song in your first disk that Bao really wants to translate into Hmong so mom and dad can hear it and understand. You just really have to make music thats more listenable. And I really liked how you put Hollywood together. It was a very catchy song. - Panh (Older sister) Dude. A lot of people from our circle are very upset about the album. They didn't like some of the stuff you said. We need to talk. - Tou Saik (Activist) It's a harsh reality. But not everything is nice. It was very tough. People need to hear it. - Cousing Vang Yeah dude. You have to be direct sometimes. I like it. - Solomon (Milwaukee) "GREAT CD (SCUM)..love it..its goin to be a big hit" - Neng (Sheboygan) "There are, other more beautiful parts to it. I remember, at times, when I once felt like, scum." - Margarette Arney _____________________________________________ "it's intense. i don't like it. and i like it. i don't like it cause it's raw, real, and i understand it. and i like it cause it's raw, real, and i understand it. it's actually kinda bewildering to feel like someone took my thoughts and put it on their own pieces of paper. it takes my introspection to another level... almost like the concept of wanting to physically meet yourself and feeling like you just did." - srida m. (Washington)
Band/artist history
Tune In: From the Inside 1. Tune In 2. My Demo Tape 3. Happy Hour 4. Ordinary Day 5. Live Alive 6. The Call 7. Food for the Spirit (Political Youth) 8. Hmong History X 9. Unauthorized 10. Pain 11. Revolution 12. The Battle for Everything 13. Viva Fidel (on Hip Hop) 14. Back to Good 15. Wolves (Dead Prez) 16. V.S. (on Support) 17. Take Me Back 18. Streets 19. The Poor Man 20. Hollywood 1. Music 2. Instrumental 3. Drunk Talk (1 Min.) 4. The Riot 5. B-boy (Universal) 6. Brew City 7. The Future (Shaolin) 8. My Hate, Your Love 9. Match Made In Heaven 10. Angry Generation 11. Never Again 12. Time THE DOUBLE DISK (Now Available!!!) Shaolin Entertainment 1243 S. Cesar E. Chavez St. Milwaukee, WI 53204 Executive Producer: MoJoe For more info Contact: Elfy (414) 698-4946 the_elfmeister@yahoo.com Distributed by The People, for The People. No rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction of this recording is ADVISED by The Movement and subject to loyalty. PLEASE BURN THIS ALBUM!!! ________________________________________ Dedication, shout outs, and regards: In Loving Memory - Farewell: Joyce Khang Yang (Gone 9/9/07) John LUKEY Yang (September 13, 1991 - April 22, 2008) This is for you. Everything. This is ALL of me. Its time. We gon make it. The future looks good. The world will know. Together. In memory. I will join you soon. Its time to rekindle that which is lost. The fight for goodness. Long live! Dear friends and family. I love you all. Lets move along. This album HAD to come out. Leave it behind now. The baggage is gone. Let go. Set free. Its time for laughter & smiles. Time to be happy. Satisfied. The magnificent release. Im SO ready. This is my story. My immortal. A new chapter is born. Until next time. Carpe Diem: Seize the Day CREDITS - Contains Uncopywritten material by the following: Documentaries/Movies/Clips - Ncu Txug Txaj Ntstig Moob, Fact Finding Commission, Tupac: Resurrection, Viva Fidel, GTV (Graffiti Television), August Rush, Im Not There, Hendrix, Pay It Forward, Bambaataa (Live @ The Rave), You Tube, American History X, Silent Hill, 8 Mile, Zeitgeist, Freedom to Fascism. Music/Production - The Beatles, Rufus Wainwright, Otis Redding, Coldplay, Passion of the Christ, Hmong Artists, Tupac, V.S., System of a Down, Nas, Dead Prez, Bob Dylan. One love to: Rare, Telo, Khang Vang, (Lil) Tou Vang, DJ Shortround & D Wood - for your participation.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have a group by the name of RARE. We play everywhere. Big clubs, big scenery, big market, big openers. We're a mainstream group. The go-getter type. I'm just so always overwhelmed by it all. I hate the attention and sometimes wonder, "what am I still doing here?" For myself, I enjoy a smaller atmosphere. My CD has now been pressed up, so I'm doing a lot. I do a few shows quietly. More smaller community events, non-profit organizations, cafes and halls. Real laid back and sociable. Intimate. A gathering and live show more than anything, not quite a party. I like people who show up to pay attention and actually be there to see a show. Not just show up to party and never acknowledge the artist. I want to be around folks who WANT to see me. I'm tired of having to impress people. It just gets old. Now pay attention or leave. Thank you.
Your musical influences
I couldn't necessarily pick a certain influence. I love people who make a difference. I have many heroes. I love the ambitious mind. If you're a part of the future, you're my hero. Oh, and I salute to single mothers. People I truly adore: Jay-Z, Jim Carey, Brett Favre, Tavis Smiley, Tupac, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Bruce Lee, Chai Vang, Zong Khang, Gen. Vang Pao, Marcus Garbey, Dr. Martin Luther King, Che Gueverra, Mohatma K. Ghandi, Al Capone and Peter Jennings - they are beautifully human! Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead Anthropologist "Psychotherapists talk about how each of us has a false self and an authentic self. When we're in the grip of the false one, we don't love ourselves unless other people love us. We're addicted to status and other superficial standards of success, and we chase after all sorts of meaningless desires that can't possibly bring any lasting gratification. When we're anchored in our authentic self, on the other hand, our motivations are rooted in a love of life. We pursue our dreams because they're interesting and exciting, not in order to impress anyone but to fulfill ourselves. There will be a showdown between your false self and your authentic self, but your authentic self must prevail." "In order to discover who you are, first learn who everybody else is. You're what's left."
What equipment do you use?
Fully-loaded. Industry-grade. Professional quality. Shaolin Entertainment. STUDIO & RECORDING - "KORG TRITON EXTREME": 160 MB of wave ROM, sampled at 48 kHz. SHURE KSM32/SL w/SHOCKMOUNT "STUDIO COND. MIC" KSM32. "ROLAND VS-2480 WORKSTATION" The VS-2480CD 24-track Digital Studio Workstation is the first self-contained recording workstation to offer 24-track/24-bit digital recording with 64-channel digital mixing, onboard effects processing and onboard CD burning. "FINALIZER 96K" TC Electronic. And so on........
Anything else?
Do as your heart desires. Keyword: PASSION! ______________________________ Here are a few more testimonials, to finish things off. Enjoy: Elfy, Tonight I decided to sit down and listen to your cd(s). So around 10:30pm or so I put my head phones on and made myself comfortable and I listened to the entire albumn, disc 1 and disc 2, straight through. And I listened to every song, I wasn't doing anything other than listening to what you had to say in that albumn. I remember that night at Karma you told me about your albumn, and how you really poured yourself into it, and how there are some negative things but overall the message is positive. But after listening to it you wouldn't have had to tell me any of that. Your albumn said it all. I could tell that you put a lot of work into it, and I'm sure you already know that you are truly talented. I have to admit, I was wondering if I would stay intrested through-out both discs, a lot of music either repeats itself so much you feel like you are listening to the same thing, or it just seems to loose it's energy. But you are so talented I was brought into the lyrics of each song because each song was unique. It made me laugh (especially "The Riot"... "i can't feel my music....." that was that was very clever and funny, but also very true..... so throughout listening to the albumn it made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me think about life and myself. Thank you for sharing your music with me, I'm sure I will listen to the albumn again and again (maybe not all in one sitting), and each time I listen I will understand where you are coming from a little more. I have to say that your music is the kind that I feel like I really have to listen to...I really liked the "Instrumental", that was powerful, I admire the time you must have put into it. I hope that you continue doing what you love to do... you have inspired me to keep in touch with what is real... Talk to you soon! - AnnaLee Hanson (Minnesota) _____________________________________________ : community, hip hop, growing as a person Hi Elfy, Elvis your music and community involvement are awesome. You may have only seen a small part of the difference they make to the lives of others, but it's out there, like the ripples travelling across the surface of a pond. Keep going mate! My sister says people are just like trees, that we grow tall in the shelter of one another. I'm on the other side of the world (Canberra, Australia) and you've been a teacher and an inspiration to me. Thanks. Hip hop is so often about egos, and little else, but it has the potential to be a very powerful force for change, education, and growth. Hmong History X is a masterpiece and an example of that! Thanks for changing the way I see the world, and helping me to understand a very special family a little bit better. You don't need to reply, I just want to say thanks and give something back. Bill Lording _________________________________________________________________ Hey Elfy, Most of my ancestors came to Australia from Europe, especially Ireland and Britain, about 150 years ago. Many came from Ireland during the famine (some have called it a genocide) of 1845-1852. In 2004 I met a Hmong family in Sydney, Australia, the Yangs. They told me a bit about their past, but I could see it was a painful subject so I stopped asking questions and started reading stuff on the internet. The details are very different, but what I read about the Hmong reminded me of my family escaping the famine. Both families came to Australia in search of a safe, fair and peaceful way of life. Both journeys were dangerous and uncertain, and people were lost and left behind. It took courage. We have what they earned. I think I was trying to teach myself a few Hmong words when I found Hmong History X on Youtube around the middle of last year.I get into almost every form of music and expression, but hip hop is probably the most powerful artform of all when it's done well. Anyway, Hmong History X is more than just good hip hop.You used the word universal in your email and I think it fits here.That track tied together a bunch of things I had been reading, and a whole lot of internal stuff, and it helped me understand the Yangs. The struggle goes on... Everybody has their struggle. That track helps keep mine in perspective. It helps me remember how lucky I am and reminds me that I can overcome the things holding me down. Let me know if there is anything I can ever do to help, however big or small. Even an Ally needs allies, right? I think your music rocks and your community work shows you have a big heart. I'll be waving from the crowd when you tour (AUSTRALIA) Bill Lording
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