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He is the illest hispanic Hip Hop artist since Big Pun. Straight outta San Antonio, Texas. He is a clever, wicked tounged lyricist. He has a versitile vocal ab
Sorry for the LONG hiatus, I was actually working on a couple films and have been having lots of success making movies. Go to www.mysteryswaysproductions.com to see the new trailers and promo videos. Well, I have finally come back to Soundclick.com. I am putting all new music on here so if you got tired of hearing the same ol' same on this page, relief is on the way. I am currently working on a new album, with my new band "The Lost". This album is going to be a new innovative sound that is taking what you have heard from me to a whole 'nother level! We aint tryin to sound like anybody, we just gonna pour out everything on the pages and what comes out...comes out. Either way yall are gonna love it.
Band/artist history
I have been doing music for about 14 years. I have done tons of shows all over Texas,and I have won numerous talent shows over the years but there is not really a big following for hip hop unless you're on the radio here in San Antonio, and they really dont play anything else other than the top 40. Unless you drop some dough in the pocket of some radio personalities.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Madison Avenue was the birth of The Lost....now witness the Genesis and the beginning.....
Your musical influences
Well, my music has a smooth rhythmic feel I prefer mid tempo beats but they have to have a sort of darkness to them. I am creating my own sound and trying to steer far away from the crap thats going on right now. As far as people who influence me, I mentioned earlier I am influenced by in my opinion the greatest rapper of all time 2pac Shakur, Big Pun, but I am also infulenced by the messages and topics from rock groups like staind or linkin park. Some big influences as far as lyrics go would have to be Jonathan Davis(korn) and Amy Lee (evanescence)
What equipment do you use?
My Brain!
Anything else?
www.mysteryswaysproductions.com There something coming from the "UNDERGROUND" and you cant stop it!!!
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