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Shadow Venger
Shadow Venger
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Tracks available to download now! In 2006, I formed the melodic death metal band, Empyreal Destroyer. It was in this band, when I took on the stage name Shadow Venger. I left that band at the end of 2007. After I left that band, I did a few instrumentals and other stuff. The main purpose of this project was to get scouted to join an already established band but that didn't happen so instead, I've decided to release some of this stuff as an EP and make moves towards becoming a songwritier/composer. I've never been much of a performer anyway. I've been playing guitar since 1994. Played in bands for about 12 years but didn't get anywhere. Played 100-200 'toilet circuit' shows to like 5 people who were just sitting at the bar not listening. It is very disheartening to practice for 2 -6 hours a day, then travel for hours to get to shows and then people don't even listen or have like 60 people walk out on you before you've even played a note. This is why I stopped playing in local bands. I will be releasing my debut EP for this project on 18th December 2010
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not anymore! All over UK and a bit of Europe. I liked playing but the audiences, or lack of, ruined it for me. Special moments? At my very last show, in 2007, there was about 100 people at the venue but by the time we started playing, only about 5 people were left and the rest were at the bar. That was special because that inspired me to stop playing live and I'm a lot happier for it.
Your musical influences
What equipment do you use?
Jackson & Fender guitars. Peavey 5150 amp. Boss GT Pro effects rack
Anything else?
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