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John Farley
John Farley
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Singer Songwriter Acoustic, Folk, Guitar music. New Roots, Slide Guitar.
Brazilian Rose
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Echoes Of Love
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Acoustic Music Solo Artist Roots music with a Blues element ... Solo Acoustic Guitar And Vocals Contact: 412-320-6534 John Farley booking
Band/artist history
John Farley began playing stringed instruments at the age of twelve. When not developing his fingers, to rapidly master guitar chords, and bottle neck slide guitar, he was listening to all of the great Blues artists like: Muddy Waters, Son House, Jelly Roll Morton, and folk people like: Taj Majal, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan, Leo Kottke, and Robert Hunter, writer for the Grateful Dead. At age fifteen, he knew he'd play the music of his roots. Recently, he was signed to Secret Session Records out of San Francisco, California. He was together with some old friends, and now "Jaded" is his latest release to date. This 2004 release comprises of his unique influences and speaks of our times. His environmental and social concerns are a focal point of his lyrics. Soon after, he would be busking in Europe, which included Spain, Portugal, Holland, and France. His experiences allowed him to learn a different kind of music, and these influences invited in a comforting sounding World Music quality to his songs. And, composing some of his more memorable ballads Speaking of our times and the desperate need for world peace... Which invoked him to write his first project "Free The White Sands" , earning him local radio air play on Pittsburgh's WYEP FM 91.3. He has also performed on other various radio programs. WRUW in Cleveland, and international radio airtime with Radio Atlantis. Bree, Belgium F. M. 105.9 program "on the road". All of these elements, truly embellish the articulated thrill, which is evident in his live performance.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play live all of the time. Special moments are always at set break, and the end of the night, where I can enjoy myself with my friends.
Your musical influences
Neil Young, U2, Dead, Richard Thompson, Dylan, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Doors, Michael Hedges, Stones, Buddy Guy, Patty Smith, Television, Ben Harper...etc...
What equipment do you use?
Whatever I can Buy on Sale...yet State O the Art is always choice. However, equipment is not as important as the person playing it. But the gear speaks for itself. I play a Yairi DY61 and other various axes. I Maintain my own axes...they have a lot of love and care.
Anything else?
Just Trying to enjoy life just come out and see me sometime ...The music might put a smile on your face. Good Solid Acoustic Music Definately worth checking out.
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