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RAW aka Maseratti Ric
RAW aka Maseratti Ric
2 Tracks
Detroit born, Flint influenced...Da truest to do this
The Rebirth EP is here!!! Contact us for more details...
Band/artist history
The first time I've ever performed was when I was like 12. Whenever "Rump Shaker" came out 'cause that's what I performed with my cousin who goes by, Bossdell, at an annual after Christmas party my family in Flint started in the early '90s. I wrote my first song around the age of 17. Been writing rhymes since but my release will be The Rebirth EP which will be out Early Fall of '07.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Let me get ya'll straight right now...I just don't like the way FREEstyle sounds, you know. So I'll perform where ever I'm requested to but this is what pays the bills (Hint, Hint). I love to be on that stage and grippin' that mic...moving the crowd like a tru MC!
Your musical influences
My cousins, Gardell Haralson and Steve Pitts, are probably the most influencial musicians that made me pay more attention to my own gifts. If I could name 5 MC's who influenced me the most, it would be Rakim, 2Pac, Nas, Biggie, and maybe a tie between MC Breed(R.I.P.) and Royce Da 5'9"(Get his mixtape if you ain't got it yet, The Bar Exam, it's crazy)
What equipment do you use?
I ain't Nas but all I need is One Mic...