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Jargon (belfast)
Jargon (belfast)
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Jargon are a 5 piece band from Belfast, N.Ireland. We play general rock music which can vary from heavy rock to classic rock. Big Influences include the blues,
Best I've Had
Peak in sub-genre #64
Band/artist history
Well Jargon started off as a band in the summer of 2005 scheduled to just play a one off gig for the 40th birthday of the rhythm guitarists father, Davy Noble. It began with a metal freak Danny McHugh on rhythm guitar, our current rhythm guitarist David Thompson(Granda), our current drummer/lead vocalist Sean Kaluarachchi, Jack Gaston and Micheal Locaran who didnt have motivation to continue. A close friend of Sean and David was a bassist called Christian Johnston who also was experienced with. He brought along the lead guitarist Steven Toal. From there a friend (Finbar Maginn-lead guitar) was brought in as he was luckily nearby with his guitar. He was invited in by davey, the father. The gig seemed like a great success though it probably wasnt our best played gig, it was a great way to start our band. From ther we decided to continue with Jargon and our lead guitarist Stephen Toal brought in Micheal Toal(keyboard) but sadly we had to kick him out because of musical differences, dont think hes forgivin us yet. From there we carried on for about a year and due to different interests from our bass player, we sadly had to get him to leave also, we talked to Christian about it and hes fine, we remain good friends to this day.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes we play lve wherever we can. we have played in bars in belfast such as the front page, the black box and the John Hewit
Your musical influences
Well we are a 4 piece band and each member has different influences. some include The Doors, Bob Dylan, The Jam, and Eric Clapton to different styles and artists such as bjork and lesser known artists. we have different bass players for different songs, this will give us a wide range of style
What equipment do you use?
Fender, Rickenbecker, Marshall, Laney, Epiphone. a sonor 3000 drum kit.