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Emiliyah and the MightyZ All Stars
Emiliyah and the MightyZ All Stars
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Roots Reggae Dub Sweet Roots Lovers Soulful Jazzy Reggae
For five years the MightyZ All Stars have been gaining a reputation as the finest Reggae band in the Portsmouth area. Now with an incredible new singer Emiliyah, things are ready to go to another level!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Many great and memorable gigs, just a few gigs with Emiliyah, who is new to the band, as are many other members. Bit of a rush at last gig and Emiliyah couldn't make sound check. This meant she didn't meet the new guitarist till she turned round and shook his hand twenty mins into their first gig together ;)
Your musical influences
Scientist, Lee Perry, King Tubby, Creation Rebel - generally the roots dub pioneers of the late 70's and early 80's
What equipment do you use?
Currently using fully live drums at most gigs for first time. Occasionally track drums for certain types of gigs on Fostex MR 8. I use an Ibanez ATK400 bass and a Laney Hardcore Max 160 Combo - Emiliyah uses an Audix OM-7 vocal mic, and we use Logic and Reason in the studio.