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The real Helified, real hip hop with a gangsta twist, lyricism, consciousness, energy, crunk music that makes you jump and poetry that makes you cry, smile, and
HELIFIED H.appiness E.mbraces L.ife I F I E.xpect D.eath (Happiness embraces life if I expect death) What this means is if you knew for a fact that you were going to die tomorrow, What would you do to prepare yourself today? Many people would answer that question differently. Some would get their souls ready for Christ. Others would do the complete opposite and do whatever they want without thinking about the consequences. No matter what, though, all would be doing the same. Living their Life to the fullest of their each own abilities and making each action count. Or Living for the day. Those actions and thoughts are what describes the mentality, style, music, lyrics, so forth and so of the up and coming solo artist called HELIFIED. HELIFIED, born Ronnie Cotton, is from a small city in central Georgia called Macon. Home of such legendary musicians/artists such as Otis Redding, Little Richard, and the late, great James Brown. He became interested in Hip-Hop at the age of 11 years and began pursuing a career as a professional artist at the of 14. Inspired by many artists, only two assured him that he could make it in the industry-Kris Kross. "When I saw two kids doing it, and not just doing it, but making hit after hit, touring the world and the whole nine, I knew I could too," he says. Since then its been a rollercoater of ups and downs, mistakes,learning the business, financial problems, and whatever else you can think of, but HELIFIED refuses to give up. "In the past I was always in a group, but groups can be frustrating. Its hard to keep everyone motivated, disciplined, or even on the same page 24/7 and all at the same time. But this time I'm going to do it on my own as a solo artist. That way if I don't make it, I can look myself in the mirror and say either 'I gave my all' or 'Its my own fault'." HELIFIED's style is without a doubt original and special. It seems like he opens himself up for the world. He displays his vulnerability, weakness, pain, happiness, and beliefs in raw form-like he's saying "Here, look at this...you can laugh, I don't care". He is without embarrassment. It is real as it gets. Imagine one faint rapper out of many screaming how "broke" he is, rhyming about having a 9-5 job instead of hustlin on the streets and ballin' all the while. Imaging someone who tells the truth about his life in a way that grabs your attention and makes you laugh, cry, or get angry. Someone who brushes his teeth like you, puts on pants one leg at time, and makes you feel like he's a real person just like you, but hasn't forgot despite the fame. HELIFIED will motivate you, console you, confide in you, humor you, and piss you off all in one track. Just listen....
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do shows whenever I am called.
Your musical influences
I like all types of music from rap, r&b, alternative, country, rock, pop, and the legendary 70s and 80s.
What equipment do you use?
A wide variety.