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Whats, Going On, I Take It Your Trying To Learn More About Me (ZaY) Other Than My Music Right....Ok Well, Thats Cool. Well, Basically, Im From Chicago, IL Im A
WhatÃââs, Going On, I Take It Your Trying To Learn More About Me (ZaY) Other Than My Music Right....Ok Well, ThatÃââs Cool. Well, Basically, IÃââm From Chicago, IL IÃââm A 17 Year Old Underground Hip-Hop, R&B, and Rock Artist, And I Started Loving Music Ever Since I Can Remember- I Was Really Young Maybe 6 or 7. Any Who, I Started Taking Music Seriously In The Artist Aspect When I Was In My Second Year Of High School. People Never Really Noticed Me & My Music Until I Started Heavenly Promoting Myself, Opposite From My Beliefs When I Thought If I Was Good People Would Catch On Eventually, But Soon To Find Out That Was An Obsolete Way Of Engaging Into The Music Business. Moreover, I Started Putting Out Mix Tapes, Giving Out My Demo , Tagging Up Streets, Busses, Or Anything I Could Terrorize Lol And Also Offer Studio Time, Bugging People , Or Simple And Easy Just Being Seen With The Flyest And Best Of People. But I Love Music AGAIN, Growing Up It Was Me, My Brother(R - Money) Two Sisters, Mother, And Step Father, But All Together I Have 7 Brothers And Sisters. Younger I Stayed Occupied By Playing Basketball All Day, Playing Chess, Listening To Music, Or Messing With My Family. I Have My Own Group Which Is Called T and F, And In The Group There Is: ZaY (Me), Ace (Close Friend), R - Money (Brother) Young Jizzle or JaY (Close Friend), G - Money (Close Friend), JoNo (Close Friend). We Are The Making Of T and F. I Create A Huge Mass Of Songs Because I Have My Own Studio In My Home, Plus I Got Internet. : ) .My Myspace Is www.myspace.com/charzayel , IÃââm Thankful For You Welcoming To Getting To Know Me., IÃââm ZaY, Enjoy My Music., And Thanks For Listening. Peace.
Band/artist history
I Started From A Hard Surface To Make Beats Off Of That My Little Brother (R-Money) Made And A Tape Player Recorder, Then I Upgraded To A Computer Mic And My Past Best Friends Beats, To A MXL 990 Microphone, It's Not The Best But Its An Major Improvement From Where I Started. Eventually I Will Grow Along Wih My Musical Equipment And Etc.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I Do Play Live, And Mostly In Chicago, Which I Love Doing, One Special Moment Had To Be When I Perfromed At A 21 And Older Club, And Actually Had Everyone Vibing To My Music, And Really Having A Good Time And I Was Only 18, My Little Brother Was 12, And My Other Group Memebers Was 17, And 16. The Owner Was Watching Us All Night, Lol, While My Dad Was Drinking Away On The Free Drinks Lol, We Basically HAd No Supervision, Lol, That Was A Time To Remember.
Your musical influences
Tupac Is Maybe The Most Influencial Musical Figure In My Life, Along As A Influencial Male. And In Second Lil Wayne With His Perspective On Working Hard, And Kanye West As Far As Making It Out Of Chicago, And Staying On Top, And Delivering Great Music.
What equipment do you use?
MXL 990 Condenser Microphone, And A PreSonus TubePre Amplifier, With A Basic PC, Along With Fruity Loops To Record.
Anything else?
Check Out My MySpace @ www.myspace.com/charzayel www.youtube.com/charzayel www.twitter.com/charzayel www.ustream.tv/channel/charzayel www.facebook.com/charzayel
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