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Rock Bottom AKA Stone Malone Lives & Breathes Hip Hop... Always The Most Honest On The Mic & One Of The Last Lyricists Alive, ROCK BOTTOM Makes Music For The Pe
Stone Malone AKA Rock Bottom Is Always The Most Honest On The Mic & One Of The Last Lyricists Alive, Making Music For The People Through His Trials & Tribulations... Check Him Out ---WHEN I CANT SLEEP--- Wish I Was Beside George Bush When He Was Makin His Plans/ So I Could Stand, Pull Out & Squeeze My Hand/ Wish The Girl That I Love Wanna Be With Me/ Then I Wouldnt Lose My Cool When Im On The Street/ Wish I Didnt Always Get High, Just To Get By/ Wish I Didnt Hold A Grudge, Just Live & Let Die/ Wish My Moms Didnt Leave Or Sometimes Gave Me A Call/ What Doesnt Kill You Makes You Stronger So Now I Stand Tall/ Wish I Didnt Make The Wrong Choices, Like God Damn/ Understand, Every Wrong Choice I Make Makes Me More Of A Man/ Wish I Wasnt So Sick Of These Bastards Runnin Their Lips/ Moved Across The World But Its The Same Old Shit/ I Wish--- Wish That Iraq Wasnt Veitnam/ Children Starve Everyday But Hey Its OK, We Caught Sadaam/ Wish The Street, Wasnt World War 3/ Goverment Dont Care About You & They Dont Give A Fuck About Me/ Wish That Devils Didnt Have The Eyes Of An Angel/ Wish I Could Rap Without The Need For A Label/ Wish My Dad Didnt Have A Heart Attack Every Other Month/ Wish That The Only Time We Talked Wasnt When We Were Drunk/ Wish I Never Made That Choice, Aborted My Seed/ Wish Everytime Im Around People I Dont Wanna Just Leave/ Wish I Didnt Wanna Run Til I Cant Run No More/ Or Pull Out My Gun Til Theres No Guns No More/ I Wish--- Wish I Didnt Wake In Fright, Every Single Night/ Wish I Never Lost Sight Of My Right To Fight/ Wish MCs Didnt Fall Off & Get Trapped In A Check/ Good Thing I Make Your Head Nod Like I Slapped Your Neck/ Wish My Brother Had A Thirst For Life/ Wish I Wasnt Left Handed Cause Its Hard Being Right/ Wish I Was Taller, You Wish I Wasnt Such A Brawler/ Wish I Was A Baller & Not Haunted By My Unborn Daughter/ Wish People Had Control Over Life, Didnt Rely On Religion To Be Saved/ Grew Up Fast But Never Learned How To Behave/ Wish I Never Had No Reason To Talk Loud/ And Most Of All I Just Wish That I Made My Pops Proud/ I Wish
Band/artist history
Born & Raised In Canada.... Living In Copenhagen Denmark For Last 3 Years.... 26 Years Old.... Lives & Breathes Hip Hop... Just Released First Mixtape - The Hitch Hiker - Independently... CEO Of Underdogz Entertainment... Be On The Lookout For The Hitch Hiker Pt.2 - A Ride On The Lyrical Side.... Coming Soon.... All Upcoming MCs & Producers In The Copenhagen Area Call 60173458 To Collaborate & Create Good Music... Peace
Your musical influences
My #1 Influence Is LIFE... But I Dig Anyone Who Is Keepin It Honest.. Guys Like Gangstarr, Immortal Technique, Saigon & My Homie Chris P
What equipment do you use?
Just A Mic, A Labtop & Other Peoples Beats... Gotta Work With What U Got
Anything else?
Looking To Collaborate With Artists/Producers/DJs... Hit Me Up At underdogzent@gmail.com
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Hell Of A Night (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)
Churchman hip-hop instrumental Beat /2020/