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The Tone Deaf Tenors
The Tone Deaf Tenors
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Psychedelic Acid Rock Classic Rock Garage Proto-punk Indie Alternative Experimental Pop New Age Folk Folk Rock New Wave
The Tone Deaf Tenors are exactly what their name implies - wannabes who sing like they're Pavarotti and guitarists who play like Yngwie on steroids - at least in their minds. In reality, they are an up and coming band whose heart is psychedelic and Brit-pop flavoured indie pop/rock, Prog-rock, experimental pop (very 60s and 70s sounding) and Garage Rock and proto-Punk - ala the Velvets and the Stooges. The Tenors are currently the Nameless Composer and Daniel Evangelisti, but hope to expand in the future and start gigging and releasing. Expect demos posted up here on at our other website (www.myspace.com/thetonedeaftenors) very soon.
Band/artist history
The Tenors were spawned when the Nameless Composer (a soloist in his own right) met fellow town planning student Daniel Evangelisti, who subsequently picked up (rhythm) guitar. The Nameless Composer, a multi-instrumentalist, began writing songs when he was 17, and many of these would form the backbone of the Tenors canon. The Nameless Composer continues to compose, and the Tenors rehearse regularly. At present they are looking for a drummer and bassist to complete their line-up and start gigging and recording proper.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not to an audience more numerous than the number of fingers on your hand...but we hope to when we fully round out our lineup with a bassist and drummer.
Your musical influences
The Tenors have many sides: from 60s pop ala the Beatles, Beach Boys, to psychedelia (think early Pink Floyd, Kaleidoscope), 70s garage proto-punk, early New Wave (Television, Talking Heads), 80s British rock like the Smiths, Stone Roses, Britpop like Blur, Oasis, the Verve, contempary 'indie' and 'alternative' like the Flaming Lips, Mercury Rev, Sleepy Jackson, Sarah Blasko - that kind of thing.
What equipment do you use?
Epiphone Les Paul Special II (leftie) Fender Stratocaster (American) Cort Acoustic Guitar Roland 'Micro-cube' and Marshall Stack Technics KN300 Keyboard (it's ancient) RECORDING M-Audio Radium Midi-man 61 Ableton Live 7 Audacity Wav editing software GEAR WE PLAN TO GET/HOPE TO GET IN THE FUTURE: Laney (?) Amp Assorted amps of varying sizes Possibly a mixing rack, though atm I don't see it as necessary. Fender Jazzmaster Gibson Les Paul A semi-hollow, 'semi acoustic' guitar
Anything else?
A quick note about terminology. We're the 'Tone Deaf Tenors' - no hyphens, commas or whatnot. Some suggested abbrevations: T.D.T. The Tone Deafs The Tenors The Tonies Well, that's all...get ready to worship us, world!
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