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Focus Productionz
Focus Productionz
87 Tracks
Main-stream Hip-hop, Underground Hip-Hop.
iNFINITe Productionz aka Focus Productions, 27 years old, grew up in Union City, New Jersey all his life. He got introduced to the production industry by one of his closes music affiliates, Righteouz Knight, who later became dominate on his own. iNFINITE has affiliates all around the world including the U.K. and is still hungry for new up and coming rappers. You can see his work under "FRENYC Entertainment" now M.A.S.H, showing his appearance on the new mix-tape "Where The F* Is the Love?!" (www.myspace.com/chrisreg). Working with artists like Chris "Creasy" Reg, MayDay, U-Kno, Diplomat's Executive Producer Skitzo, Nevada, Nova, Reece Steele, Broadway Bony, and a lot more exclusives. **Be sure so visit www.MASHtheMedia.com and subscribe to stay on top of the latest in M.A.S.H Music! Follow me at: twitter.com/iNFBeatz e-mail: iNFINITeProductionz@gmail.com
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well yeh, I've been on a few beat battles out in N.Y. Marjority of my music is quickly progressing and spreading to good listeners out there in the rap game. I'm a big fan of underground, so when I'm out showing my work, I normally go to a Cafe' or Poetry Lounge where it's easier to get the correct vibe I'm looking for.
Your musical influences
The Alchemist, Kanye West, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, GZA, Jay Z, Damon Dash, FRENYC Ent., Dead Prez. Basically real music man, I could be here all day naming every single person, but I feel I get my touch off of every single person I listen to. It could be as broad from Wu-tang all the way to Tangerine Dream or George Winston. I'm a fan of good music.
What equipment do you use?
Propellerhead Reason 4.0, M-Audio 49-key Midi Keyboard, MPC 2000xl, Staton turntable, Yamaha Monitor speakers and Pro-tools. All programs listed are engineered on my Mac G5.
Anything else?
By now you should all have or own "Where the F* is the love?" if not download your free copy at www.mashthemedia.com courtesy of M.A.S.H artists. Currently I'm working on a few projects, and anticipated for the M.A.S.H mixtape soon to be released before the summer hits. You'll hear a few of my joints on there, but more on here, so just keep in contact with me, everything should be provided on my page as to where I can be reached at. Signing out.
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