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Southern Comfort is finally finished, contact me for info!
Two 5 Six Records Presents Kodiene - Southern Comfort out now! Contact for info!
Band/artist history
Kodiene born Austin Glover grew up in Leighton Alabama. Leighton as a small town, but was a very tough area to grow up in. His mother worked the graveyard shift then came home to care for his two sisters, his brother & him. As for his stepfather was a roofer & had his addictions, which made bill time rough in the household. His mother worked overtime hours just to make anough money to struggle past the bills. Kodiene's only true dependent was his mother, as she was the one he turned to for everything that he couldn't handle himself. Growing up Kodiene had his eyes open to a whole new world of gangs, drugs & proverty. Kodiene went to Colbert County High School which in his time was more or less another hustle. Bestfriends with drug dealing gangsters, Kodiene learned what was needed for life on the streets being a dealer. Kodiene has always loved music in every form, so he turned to harder artists that had answers to questions he wondered. Hearing artists such as Project Pat, UGK, Screwed Up Click, Deuce Komradz & Z-Ro, Kodiene knew he had found his new love, Southern Rap. So Kodiene started getting any albums he could find & playing it until it wouldn't play any more. He started freestyling to single tapes instrumentals, which lead to him listening to local rappers freestyle cyphers. Finally getting tired of being the distant whiteboy in the back of the crowd, Kodiene known as "Phaze One" at the time, stepped up to freestyle with the rest. After a 2 minute freestyle everyone looked at Kodiene in amazement, not thinking he could even rap muchless handle his own. After many cypher rounds Kodiene went to battle rapping with anyone that would step up to him, slamming anyone that he faced. Kodiene finally tired of wasting all his lyrical talent with no promotion turned to a close friend Aaron Dickens asking about recording his freestyles. Aaron went searching for the equipment & Kodiene hit the block hustling up cash to pay for the equipment he needed so badly. After 4 weeks Kodiene handed Aaron the cash for all the equipment & patiently awaited for the delivery truck to appear. Finally after a week, Aaron & Kodiene setup everything & Kodiene went to downloading any instrumental he could find and ripping any beat his hands could touch. After making track after track, Kodiene knew it was time to get serious & founded "Two 5 Six Records". After searching for local artists needing studio time & needing artists with his label, Kodiene went to work on his first album entitled "Final Thoughts". Working hard with artists such as Lil Jody, Big Goon, Franci, Slow, Buddi, Lil Fame, Hoss Da Boss, FoolisH & Free2JumpOff, Kodiene finally finished his first album. After finishing the album Kodiene took a 5 month break from the studio, trying to clear his mind of his personal life & worked on getting everything straight before he even thought of recording anything else. One day Kodiene finally went back in the studio to record a song with fellow southern artist Georgia local OMT & mid-west artist Heavy P called "Dope Shyt" which came out fire. Kodiene finally feeling it again hit the studio doing his first single for his new album "Southern Comfort" called "If I Could Tell You" featuring Trak for Ashlee Austin, his first true love that passed away. Ashlee is the special lady he speaks of in his earlier song "Always & Forever" he wrote from poems for her. Soon after he made the track entitled "Spend The Night" which became a huge track locally, after the singles cd was put out. The response was crazy, everyone was listening to it & Kodiene was getting respect & love from everyone that heard it. Finally clicking back up with Franci, TY, Big Goon & FoolisH, Kodiene went to finish up his album "Southern Comfort" at the beginning of 2009. After releasing it, Kodiene went back into the studio working on his upcoming project "Leanin Sidewayz : The Mixtape" which will be remixs of old & new songs, Kodiene hopes everyone will love his musical selections. He is currently working up tracks for his next album "Trapaholics of America" which he hopes to drop at the end of this year. Kodiene is also working with his label on the "Two 5 Six Kamp" album entitled "Aggravated Assault Vol.1" featuring everyone from Two 5 Six Records. So keep you're eyes open for these mixtapes & albums.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play where i can. I'm currently booking shows in Nashville TN, Huntsville AL & Muscle Shoals AL.
Your musical influences
Haystak, Alex King, Stump, Jackie Chain, Foolish & Eazy-E.
What equipment do you use?
Eurorack UB1202 Mixing Board, MXL 990 Condensor Mic, Eurorack Audio Interface & Mixing programs.
Anything else?
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