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"Distinctive and sultry psychedelic indie with hints of downbeat British electronica acts The xx and Portishead. Mournful dashes of violin and melodic lead guitar flourishes." -NXNE Lunic is NY singer-songwriter, electronic musician, & multi-instrumentalist Kaitee Page. A classically trained violist/violinist, Lunic fuses contemporary & classical instrumentation with electronic music composition. Lunic's most recent album, Future Sex Drama, is a blend of dark ethereal synthpop and electronic rock similar to Metric, The xx, Lights or Ladytron. "Glossy enough for the dance floor but retaining that sinister edge." -CMJ Her first release, in 2008, was a collection of demo songs called Skeletons, followed quickly by the EP Splinter, recorded in London in just 3 days. They were followed up in 2009 by Lunics official debut album titled Lovethief. In 2012, she released Future Sex Drama, a full-length originally described as sultry, ethereal synthpop by Lunic herself. On Future Sex Drama, Lunic begins taking her first steps as a producer, bringing together the experimentation behind her early work and a cutting edge pop aesthetic. She describes her work as a sensual, cathartic escape. Each album tackles a different set of influences and styles. Her newest album, Future Sex Drama, incorporates influences as wide as The xx, Ladytron, Metric, and Placebo drawing from genres like electro-pop, new wave, synthpop, darkwave, alternative, and art-rock. This approach has allowed the project to remain flexible and evolving. Lunic has shared the stage with artists such as Moby, Lights, Mindless Self Indulgence, Company of Thieves, Dredg, Meiko, & Bell X1. Her performance is, "a psychedelic display of lyric poetry in the form of an understated, powerful show." -TriState Indie. In 2012 Lunic was the winner of the PlanetRox competition and was chosen as the US headliner for the Envol et-Macadam Festival in Quebec City, Canada.
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