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Samson Brothers
World music, percussive music, Hang, Cajon, Tabla, Kanjira, Morsing, Udu, Pete Engelhart, REMO world percussion. Brothers, special guest Galahad Samson violin.
5 songs
419 plays
Triple Pandeiros
Three Pandeiro's also as seen on You Tube. first 3 try outs with Indian, Chinese and middle eastern Framedrums
More Singh
Composition for 3 morsing (South Indian Mouthharp)
Klezmo Janvi
This is a song played by the amsterdam Klezmer band - Janvi tought us this Klezmer melody when he was a guest musician with the Samson Brothers
Samsons Hangs
Three Hangs playing together
A Samson Brothers composition for Udu (Joshua), Tabla (Terence), Hang (Patanjali
Welcome to the Soundclick page of the Samson Brothers. David, Terence, Joshua Samson are the musicians you will hear on the tracks at soundclick. As a special guest brother Galahad Samson is featured on alto violin. Also you'll find tracks with guest musicians. Their names are mentioned with each track.
Band/artist history
there is more history on www.samsonbrothers.com however you can imagine as brothers we were always making music since we were very young. Our father, sculptor LancelotSamson.com encouraged us to play music together.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, mostly ! From Jazz Festivals to Underground Full Moon Parties, From Chill /Cool down "After Parties" at the beach to concerts in theatres and clubs.
Your musical influences
Well as we are playing so many percussive instruments from all over the world we are also influenced by percussion masters from all over: India: Pandit Hariprashad Chaurasia (Banzuri), Salvaganesh (Kanjira), Mr. Sundaresan - Chennai (Morsing), Glen Velez NY - (frame drums), Rollin Rachele (overtone singing), Samuel Torres NY (Shakers), Mino Cinelu (percussion solo's and orchestration, UDU Master), Robert Thomas Jr Miami (melodic handdrumming), Remo Belli (for providing us with all those wonderful REMO equiptment), Pete Engelhart Berkely, (for his wonderful tuned metal instruments), Pete Lockett, Felix and Sabina from PanArt for creating the Hang.
What equipment do you use?
the Hang by PanArt, REMO world percussion, Pete Engelhart - tuned metal percussion. Cajons by Schlagwerk klang objecte and handmade by Hernan Gulla from BsAs. Morsing from Chennai India, Tabla's from Delhi.
Anything else?
On our site www.samsonbrothers.com you can freely download the album we made during a festival for multi handicapped children. Group after group came into the auditorium and we played all day for them. What you hear is the registration of us and the children in the background. The CD's then were freely distributed to all kids, parents, classrooms and co-institutions. Check it out and if you are making music your self maybe consider of sharing your music with a similar community in your neighbourhood. The reactions and warmth are worth more then getting payed your fee.
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