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Lay back, relax, put on a good pair of headphones, roll up a fatty and just listen.
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Instant Suicide
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Gone With the Flow
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While Me Guitar Silently Whimpers - The Beatles
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Caravan - Van Morrison
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"theSoundBytes" is an experimental effort designed to test the limits of digital music and Internet technology in the creation, production, marketing, sales and distribution of music. It is also an excuse for an old school rocker and his friends from the glory days to make the kind of music they always wanted to make and get it out there to the public. The kind of technology that can be setup in a spare room by anyone with a good sense of rhythm, and bought outright for under $1000 is beyond the wildest dreams of those of us who remember the early days of stereo, multi-tracking and the lost art of the manual flange. Back then, if you were a band trying to make it, you were either a nobody or a slave of the record companies. It took lots of money to produce an "album" as we used to call them. That meant, you HAD to do whatever the record companies wanted you to do and that meant imitating whatever the musical flavour of the month was. Now, everything has changed. We are free. Just how free we really are is what this experiment is all about. Problem is, how to make a living doing this. So, lay back, relax, put on a good pair of headphones, roll up a fatty and just listen.
Band/artist history
We have no history we care to mention. It is all about today and tomorrow.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Of course we play live. We couldn't very well play dead now could we? Yes, most of us still like being alive. Therefore, it would stand to reason that we also like playing live. Every moment of life is special.
Your musical influences
We hate mentioning other bands even though it is impossible not to be influenced by them. Just because someone has influenced us doesn't mean that we sound like them. Sometimes it is pretty obvious to see our influences. Sometimes it isn't. If I say we were influenced by "Flock of Seagulls" people are going to expect to hear music that sounds like "Flock of Seagulls". But, the influence may be very subtle. Oh..okay. Allman Brothers, Doors, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan, Stevie Ray Vaughn.
What equipment do you use?
guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, amps, chords, microphones (can't forget those), assorted electronic equipment, that kind of thing. Ocassionally we like to bang two inanimate objects together, more to relieve stress than to make music.
Anything else?
Anything. Well, they said "anything" goes here so that is what I put. It doesn't make anymore sense to me than I'm sure it does to you. But, they were nice enough to let us use their computer thingys so the least we could do was cooperate.
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