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Draus Beats
Draus Beats
31 Tracks
Draus Beats. VA Hip Hop at its Finest. From Norfolk, to Alexandria. DC is in here.
This is a page to sell instrumentals to artists or whoever wants beats. By using Soundclick, you can purchase on your time when you feel like it, and HOW you want to do business. By purchasing a beat, you hereby agree to the terms of purchase. There are two types of licenses for these instrumentals: Exclusives and Creatives. If you click on the "License" link, you can lease the beat. If it's Exclusive, it's all yours and I'll remove the track after the sale is complete. Only YOU have that track. Of course Exclusive will cost you more. I aint gon eat your lunch if you sell your mixtapes though. Just know that some tracks I will only want to sell exclusively. If it's Creative, you pay a 20-40 dollar license fee. Sometimes, I'll let a track go for 10. You can use that for your mixtapes. I'll be using All ORIGINAL tracks for licensing. I'll let most of my sample-based beats go to my customers for free. Understand that you may get the pants sued off you for selling it without clearing it. If you want to clear it, we can work something out and play like the big boys do. If I DO SELL a sample based beat, I'll clear it, but I'm including the cost of covering the sample in your licensing fee, so it may get high. That's why I specialize in original compositions. If you need scoresheets, I may do that shit for you, but more than likely, I'll just give you the midi files to show I played it out.
Band/artist history
Draus Beats. Come get em.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Washington DC Metro. I love it. I make a special moment at least once a month.
Your musical influences
All Producers getting their grind on. All composers and musicians that make good music. I LOVE music. I LOVE beats
What equipment do you use?
That's my secret... SSSHHH!!!
Anything else?
Let's Do Business Yall. Imma Gentleman. The Contract is a shake of a hand.
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*Drake* Roses
6/1/2020 Effortless BPM145.5