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The Slack
The Slack
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Sad Song & Long Goodbyes
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The Slack is Roxbury Latin classmates James Kohli and Sandy Fleming. Though their influences and styles could not be more different, both are accomplished musicians who have much to offer to the group. Together they create a fusion of hard rock and stripped-down acoustic pop which ends up sounding like neither (usually). Their first album, Caviar & Broken Glass, was released summer 2007.
Band/artist history
James Kohli is pretty rock. He likes power chords, guitar solos, and the key of D minor (it's the saddest of all keys). He hasn't played guitar for all that long, but he has played for enough hours that you wouldn't know it. He dislikes people who suck at guitar but think they're really good, people playing different songs simultaneously, bass guitarists who turn the volume up to 10, and Coldplay. Sandy Fleming is less rock than James, but he's a pretty nasty rhythm guitarist. He likes chords with too many notes in them, being a heart-throb for preppy girls in the audience, and Coldplay. He knows a lot about music theory, but refuses to apply it to anything he writes or plays for some reason. He dislikes knowing what the chords he's playing actually are, holding the microphone like a normal person, and good music. Well, he doesn't actively dislike good music, he just doesn't listen to much of it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The Slack plays live whenever it has the opportunity, especially if there are attractive girls in the vicinity who might be easily impressed. Sandy woos them with his original songs; James's original songs require too many instruments, so he usually sings a song by some obscure band and claims he wrote it. They are available on request.
Your musical influences
James Kohli: I like AC/DC through ZZ Top. I like the first legendary band (The Beatles) and the last legendary band (Guns N' Roses). Queen is the greatest band of all time. Sandy Fleming: Dispatch, dmb, Jack Johnson, James Taylor, Phantom Planet, Bob, OAR, Goo Goo Dolls, Coldplay, John Mayer, Marvin Gaye, Tenacious D, Edwin McCain, Eve 6, Ben Folds, State Radio, Sublime, Ill Sound Professionals
What equipment do you use?
Gibson Les Paul Studio Taylor Acoustic Line 6 Pod v2.0
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