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Sanctified southern, Holy Hip Hop music
Jesus Christ N UR Hood
If U Know
Peak in sub-genre #43
Hidden In Christ
Set My Boy Free
If the streets ever needed a voice of hope, a messenger of the Truth, an unashamed, unafraid, lucid, remnant believer of righteousness; a fallible leader from among their own to identify with; whose heart beats with compassion for the streets; they should pay close attention to an unlikely contender from Fort Worth, Tx. This young man knows what its like to live on the streets and not just run them. He knows what its like to have no place to lay your head, unless its underneath a bridge, an abandoned house, or an abandoned car. While other teenagers were adjusting to life in middle school, he had to adjust to living the streetlife. At the age of 13, he dropped out of school and ran away from home, venturing into criminal life. Feelings of hurt, pain, betrayal of trust, and hatred from suffering molestation, he grew up with unforgiveness in his heart and a mind set on revenge. Filled with anger from a childhood stripped for another mans pleasure, he found himself in and out of jail. Searching for real love to fill the voids and hurt in his heart, it seemed like there was no hope until he met the One who knew him before he was born- Jesus Christ. Who is this outcast, who was more than able to overcame the odds stacked against him? Introducing a voice crying out from the wilderness, Chris Martinez aka Caleb. Caleb from the gospel hip hop duo Con-10-derz of the Faith, made a full commitment to live for Christ in 2000 and has been living saved ever since. He always had a passion for telling the story of the streets, but when he became born again, he wanted to offer hope in Jesus Christ. Caleb is spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through rap music and has been doing so for 6 plus years. God later crafted him with the gift of being a solid music producer and he is the founder of A.W.I. Productions. He became ordained as an elder in 2005 under the leadership of Bishop Robert Young at New Jerusalem Tabernacle of Worship, where he currently serves as Youth Pastor. He married his beautiful wife in 2006 and has been blessed with a seed from God to pass on the mantle in the future. Caleb is a contender of the faith, standing ready and more than able to take the message of the Gospel to the streets with his first solo offering from Con10derz Muzic/ A.W.I. Productions entitled Jesus Christ N UR Hood, to be released in the summer of 07.
Band/artist history
The mission has been issued and the call has been accepted to break down the walls of negativity that separate the traditional church view of Christian rap music being of the devil; to turn a generation of youth from being influenced by secular rap music to positive, inspiring rap music that changes lives; to maintain the responsibility to give back to their community and wherever they may go in ministry; and to join forces with other groups and organizations who have a heart for our youth to make a lasting impact in their world and to take back rap/hip hop music. Introducing Con-10-derz of the Faith: Jonathan and Chris have been through many things at such a young age, that they can really relate to the young people in this day. They are sent as remnant believers in Christ to challenge and raise the standard of the youth of today. Both born and raised in the DFW Metroplex, Jonathan and Chris have powerful testimonies not just for pre-salvation, but also since being saved. They understand what its like to live on and run the streets at a young age. Theyve been through the feeling of not being loved by family and turning to gangs, drugs, sex, and other traps of the enemy, to try and fill the voids in their life. They know what its like to go through the emotional pains of both verbal and physical abuse from trusted, close family members. They can relate to peer pressure and wanting to be accepted. Theyve been through unfaithful relationships with the opposite sex. They understand the pressures of being young, single, facing the temptations of sex, but living a saved life. They know how enjoying secular rap music can have a negative effect on young peoples mindset and demeanor. But they also know that Jesus Christ changes peoples lives and through Him we have life and to the abundance. Jonathan and Chris are no strangers to the rap game either. Both had their aspirations of being big time, flashy rappers starting underground, but God changed their mission, when they accepted His will. They both began doing rap music for God around the same time about 5 years ago and their paths crossed when they became members of the group, F.A.M.I.L.Y. As a group they brought their ministry to the churches, the streets, prisons, etc. They also took part in a hip-hop play entitled The Choice Is Yours. As a group they had the opportunity to perform at the Bronco Bowl in Dallas, two times at The Potters House, Gatesville Prison to over 500 inmates and on the Daystar Network. They also had an appearance on local TV station channel 8, as well as becoming the first gospel rap group to break through mainstream radio on DFWs ..1 station K104 in 10 years. After members of the F.A.M.I.L.Y. fell upon some trying times, the decision was made to disassemble the group. In the summer of 2003, Jonathan and Chris knew the gift God had given them was being stirred to action and could not be left dormant. They sought Gods guidance and formed the group, Con-10-derz of the Faith. They write, arrange, and produce all their songs. They are also looking to help others with the gift to rap to reach young people, as they believe this is what God has called them to do. As you can see Con-10-derz of the Faith have really been through some trying moments in their life that have empowered them to reach not just the youth, but the world with the refining, tried, and true message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through rap music. They are both ministers in their church, New Jerusalem, where they work with the young people. They are also accountable to their Senior Pastor, Bishop R.L. Young. They are committed to doing Gods work and serving His people. Con-10-derz of the Faith will not stop lifting up the Blood-stained banner of Jesus Christ. Theyre striving against all odds to fight the good fight of faith.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, all over the Metro lifting up Jesus!
Your musical influences
Jesus Christ! The Cross Movement, Lecrae, 116 Clique
What equipment do you use?
Roland XP60
Anything else?
Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, the Life!
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