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Le Deux
Le Deux
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Alternative, Ambient, Electronica, Surreal, Symphonic, & Euro Techno with Emotive Female Vocals. Visionary film-type songs with compelling themes. Upbeat D
A sonic sweep thru maudy moods to visions of romance & Lofty dreams--Up & Down-- dancing in the dark & light. Subdued & whispy, to intense & passionate female vocals emit lyrics of joy, tears, fears, dreaming, future visions, longing, & splashes of satire. Music that goes from upbeat, dreamy or symphonic, to dark, eerie & intense. Pulsating beats, synth sweeps, keyboards, spaciness & orchestral movements, as well as, handhit drumbeats, & electronic sounds. Lina A. with various collaborators. The "Portals" CD and a few demo songs - collaboration with J. R. Hopkins & Lina A. "Portals D'Esprit CD": J.R. Hopkins-- lyrics (Walk Away, Last September)--w/Additional lyrics by Lina A Lina A. - lyrics -- (World Inside, Gossamer Doves, Dimension, Satyr, Justice, Your Obsession Nick the Lunatic, Abstraction, Come September) Music on all songs -= J.R.Hopkins and Lina A. (BMI) ( Vocals, Vocal Melodies & Additional Synths - Lina ) This co-venture included Chart entries: "COME SEPTEMBER" demo mix-- reached No. 6 in the Classical Film Music Charts on Soundclick. *** "YOUR OBSESSION" reached No.5 on Ambient Electronic Charts. *** "DRIFTING TOWARDS THE SKY" (Vocal version) reached No. 11 in Ambient Charts.
Band/artist history
Lina A. - Vocalist/Writer - Keyboards/DrumProgramming/Co-Production - Music & Lyrics Co-writers: J. Wilson, Jr. - keyboards on "See Inside Me" - 2nd vocal version. Dave East - keyboards/production Dave Mezzer - keyboards/guitar/production Andy Van Wart - guitar/bass/synth/production Allen Foster - keyboards/production Robin Day - keyboards/production Krista Ryan - keyboards/guitar/produciton (early Le Deux CD & a some other songs - ) : J.R. Hopkins - Keyboards/Programming, Co- Writer **** Songs co-written by Lina with J.R. Hopkins not on the Le Deux CD, include, "Gaze" (first vocal version); "The Void" (vocal version); "Synthpoppy"; "Drifting Towards the Sky" 'Concept (New Face), At the formation of Le Deux, Magdalina hooked up with James in 2001, thru a producer she knew in England. She applied her heartfelt lyrics, along with touches of satire, her Vocal Melodies, & Keyboard melodies to a diverse range of material that James asked her to do at various times. 15 + vocal versions of songs were completed, performed and recorded, starting in 2001. The songs that emerged, were supercharged by emotions of some of the turbulent, as well as, visionary situations both had gone through. ****** The "Portals " 10 song CD was released/published in 2002, and has a collection of many different moods and beats. The total upfront and other expenses of this release was covered by Magdalina, as an indie D.I.Y. Unfortunately, some greedy vultures got into the picture and put Magdalina under severe duress to turn over all her rights, then threatened to steal all and harm her, when she refused. She never recouped her costs, though many of the songs got radioplay & good reviews. Still the beat goes on, regardless of the offences. It is a rotten shame that so many go thru similar beatdowns in whatever type projects they put their all into. ****************************** The CD costs & losses are fairly accounted for, and 25% were to go to an orphanage in Lithuania (84 children). Lina gave what she could to the orphanage out of her own pocket, as sales were stymied, including the cd distribution company that was scammed, which the fbi had to investigate. **** Much history -- a lot with sad interference, chaos & crossfire. More essential is to rise above the destructive elements. For further info: pls send message thru soundclick or myspace. Licensing is avalable. "http://www.myspace.com/ledeux"
Have you performed in front of an audience?
--each moment is special when performing original songs you enjoy. Would love to do some songs with a full band. Performed "Synthpoppy" (cowritten by J.R. Hopkins & Lina A) at a Charity Benefit. Other collaborators are spread throughout the world, so no live gigs with them yet.
Your musical influences
Bat for Lashes, Florence & The Machine, Lily Allen, Syd Barrett, The Stranglers, Born for Bliss, Garbage, Peter Gabriel, Depeche Mode, Massive Attack, Enya, Loreena McKennitt, Dido, Halou, Moody Blues, Cocteau Twins, Bjork, Frou Frou, Procul Harum, Joy Askew, Gary Numan, The Pretty Things, Talk Talk, Tears for Fears, & much more, Phew!
What equipment do you use?
Korg X3, Alesis Micron, Alesis SR16, Garageband, Audition, Tascam, Lexicon, Line 6 Pod, Roland etc.
Anything else?
One rally needs a sense of humour in the music world, in order to maintain an equilibrium, with the ups & downs, arrogance, & tippy-tapped people who you come across, that try to get yer knickers in a twist. "Nick the Lunatic" takes a bit of a poke at control freaks, & an imagined, humourous payback. There are quite a few "Nickette the Lunatics" lurking about as well. "Nick" was NO. 1 on UK's (now defunct) avantoise.com charts for quite a while. *** PAST CHART HITS: ***** "A WORLD INSIDE" - no. 20 in the Brit Pop Charts at soundclick. *** "COME SEPTEMBER" was No. 6 in Film Music- Classical Charts at soundclick. *** "YOUR OBSESSION" --reached #5 in Alternative Ambient Charts. *** Magdalina's collaboration on "Alien Encounter" with Stuart Elliott was No. 1 in Ambient Electronic Charts for 2 weeks. ***** Magdalina's & Dave East (Synse of Balance): "We Are the Law" reached #5 in Alternative Avant Garde Charts "Like You" reached #2 in Electronica Euro.