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Feedback came into existence last year Jan 26, 2006. Today it seems like the perfect blende of rather different music each member is in to.. The band firmly believes in playing as tight and clean as possible.. and maintaining the originality..
Band/artist history
Well,you could say that this band was Akhil and Varun's brainchild.They had always wanted to form a band right since their school days.After they started college, however,they both took up guitaring pretty seriously and Akhil got a new found interest in playing the bass. They started jamming with Vineet(Sir) at Varun's place.Varun ignited the lost touch of guitaring in Vineet(sir), who used to teach Varun maths at a coaching institute for JEE.In the fag end of winter last year they got in touch with Mridul, brilliant and enormously talented guitar player who had also joined IIT the same year as Akhil. Now having formed the guitar core of the band, they had to look for a drummer and vocalist to complete the band.Akhil got in touch with his hostel-mate and batch-mate Shamir who had started learning drumming in IIT and he agreed to take up the drums.And finally,for a vocalist,Varun put up an ad on the RSJOnline to which Ashutosh responded and completed the lineup. The guys started jamming and FEEDBACK was born on January 26th, 2006 covering bands like Judas Priest,Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and ACDC.After performing at IITD "Distortionare" 2006 with Lokesh Bakshi from Prestorika,the guys got in touch with Arjun Nath,an amazingly talented synth player at IITD.With the need to cover Pink Floyd and Dream Theater ahead,they asked Arjun to join them,to which he readily agreed. Further changes in lineup were made, with Ashutosh leaving the band for higher studies, following which Mridul and Varun took on the task of the vocals.This finalised and solidified the current lineup adding to the tightness of the band.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah ofcourse... Played at various Pubs,Colleges, Rock Competitions etc etc in Delhi,Roorkee..
Your musical influences
Well we are greatly influenced by the following bands,musicians... in common as well as individually.. DREAM THEATER Pink Floyd Iron Maiden Beethoven John Petrucci Deep Purple Pain of Salvation Porcupine Tree
What equipment do you use?
Ibanez Prestige guitars Aria MacSeries guitars POD XT LIVE BOSS GT-8 Washburn Bass Mapex Drumkit Yamaha Keyboard