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Xerxes The Dark
Xerxes The Dark
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XERXES THE DARK (XTD), Is the first Iranian Dark Ambient music project founded in 2005 by Morego Dimmer (Nyctalllz, Morego, Nahan, Blind Owl, Ostanes).
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Xerxes The Dark - Tower Of Silence (Album Preview
Xerxes The Dark is my main music project in electronic genre & ambient / experimental / dark ambient styles. The idea for making music backs to early 2005 and it became a real concept on November 2006 with the first releasing of my own album called "DIM" on Amduscias Records(US). The basic name for the project was Dead Air Space as D.A.S in 2005 but i've changed it onto Xerxes in early 2006 and finally in 2010 i've changed the name of project from "Xerxes" to "XERXES THE DARK" to not be confused with other artists or projects. The first album "DIM" also released by Smell The Stench(AUS) Label one year later in 2007. After "DIM" album, the second album was released on January 2008 by the name "AZOIX: The Kingdom of all the Dark Ambient Moments" or simply the "AZOIX" by Amduscias Records. After four years of the silence of the XTD and Me (Morego aka Dimmer), the third official album which named "Capricornus Exotica" by Kalpamantra Records(UK). The album was a little tribute to my parents (Father and Mother). And currently i am waiting to releasing the upcoming EP which have called "Astral.Code.Connection".
Band/artist history
The First & The Most Famous Iranian "Dark Ambient" Music Project Which Has Formed in 2005 by "Morego Dimmer" (Morego, Nyctalllz, Nahan, Ostanes, Blind Owl). Xerxes The Dark Is The Ultimate Dark Ambient That Revealing The Light Waves Of Eternity and The Realms of Infinity. Morego Dimmer is the Main & Only Member and Also The Former Of The Iranian Greatest Dark Ambient Music Project Called "Xerxes The Dark". Xerxes was the exotic empire of the ancient Iran. Here Xerxes is meant the King, Empire and The Master. So Maybe Xerxes The Dark Meant "The Empire Of The Darks". Morego Dimmer Has some side projects like "Morego" & "Nyctalllz" and "Nahan". His music life not spelled on this ones and he appeared on some bands such as "Blind Owl" and "Ostanes", but They were not Big Bands, just a little some bands. Beside Music, He has a good relation with other Arts like Photography, Graphics and Designs. Xerxes The Dark Refilled by the Only ONE VOICE from the Universe. http://fb.com/xerxesthedark
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, I played on Tehran International Contemporary Music Festival (TCMF), May 2016 And Tehran Annual Digital Arts Exhibition (TADAEX), Sep 2016. Also Played on Saye Art Gallery (Aug 2016), Rooberoo Manison (May 2018), DA Theater Hall (Jul 2018)
Your musical influences
In fact the Roger Waters from Pink Floyd and the UMMAGUMMA album. It was really great, and also Pink Floyd live at Pompeii?. I also like the Shpongle band and their perfect music. In past i think Burzum and Vangelis have the most influences ...
What equipment do you use?
Korg Minilogue Korg Volca Series Steinberg Audio Interface Water Harp Experimental Hand-made Instruments M-Audio Oxygen 49 MIDI Keyboard M-Audio Fast-Track Audio Engine Electric Fender Guitar (Squere) Zoom Guitar FX Spanish Valencia Guitar AKG K-99 Earphone Flute Harmonica
Anything else?
More Info: https://xerxesthedark.bandcamp.com/ http://fb.com/xerxesthedark http://www.reverbnation.com/xerxesdark https://open.spotify.com/artist/1f8K98OPRbpgS88c7NF256 https://twitter.com/Xerxesdark http://www.cryochamberlabel.com/artist/xerxes-the-dark/ http://xerxesdark.tumblr.com/ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClF8Pm8VpdJDJvM6ucDQhew https://www.instagram.com/xerxesdark/ Thank You Soundclick.com.
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