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Juliana Down
Juliana Down
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The day we saw unite people through song, we decided we wanted to do the same. Thats where the link ends but were still trying. , , , and and have been lucky enough to open for big-name, international acts such as , and . . The organisers, Centre Stage Management,were impressed by our passionate performance and saw in us a potential that few others did at the time and most still do not. They took a huge chance and took us under their wings as our personal managers and have supported us and pushed us ever since. , in 2006 and spent the following year touring and supporting it in the UK, Dubai and Bahrain to positive responses. Most recently, we shared a stage with the great at the Dubai Desert Rhythm festival. among titans like and ! This recognition was a huge honor although we were left somewhat dumbfounded. As his peers, we are still waiting on a call from Mr Trump. have also been very supportive, featuring us in their Moto-Alert series and giving us the opportunity to co-host a one-hour Introducing special that highlighted rock music. Our last single, , was by Dubai 92 and Channel 4, and was on for several weeks. In 2008 we took a break from the live scene to write our second album, which will be released in mid 2009. , and by marrying our lyrics to driving beats, pounding bass and soaring guitars, and the amalgamation of dark lyrics and uplifting music is intended to help us all cope with the real-life pain we all face in a positive way. Our Facebook fan group and artist pages are growing, as is our MySpace profile. We like to stay in touch with fans through periodic mailings and the energetic shows we put on, providing accessible and emotive music that connects with our fans, and hopefully brings them together.
Your musical influences
Bloc Party, Coldplay, U2, Panic! at the Disco, Fall out boy, The Bravery, Placebo
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