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Mickey Morphingaz
Mickey Morphingaz
3 Tracks
Everybody knows turntablism is the future of music. Everybody knows that the skillset of the turntablist is unparalleled within the sphere of live performance. As the technology evolves and the turntable becomes a metaphor for manipulation of sound, so the turntablist's skills are adapted to meet the new challenges and embrace the new possibilities. Yet what attracts us to the turntablist sound? The innocence, the raw energy, the technical control, the seeming impossibility of actually creating and holding a unique beat in real time? Who knows, but with this brand new release, Mickey Morphingaz, turntablist extraordinaire delivers 6 fresh answers to these deep and meaningful questions. This is the Business Card EP. Get it now if you know what's good for you! All the tracks are available in 320k MP3, encoded with iTunes for the absolute best sound quality, and with exclusive artwork embedded. All for your pleasure!
Band/artist history
The first official release on 3 Beat will be Mickey Morphingaz debut EP. "Me...U" which was written and produced in Berlin along side, and at the studio of, uber producer Mocky (producer and co-writer - Jamie Lidell's Multiply, reminxes for Feist's 'Let it Die' and Gonzales' accompanist on many an instrument on many a gig - and not to mention a heavy live act in his own right). The album is 6 tracks tall and pays homage to Australia and its iconic animals in an original and cheeky old school hip hop style. Most of the beats are held down with a scratch while harmony is found between choir vocalists, childlike recorder riffs and a hint of grime super subbass. Mickey Morphingaz The Business Card EP (track listing) 1. Hey Mickey 2. Emu 3. Platterpussy 4. Cool 5. Flaming Gallah 6. Moi Aussie Mickey has been away from his sunny home of Sydney, on and off for 8 years, living in the UK and touring through Europe and Asia. This album was written in response to a Koori calling requesting him to return home like a boomerang. A year later Mickey is back and brings with him this fun n chill release, "Me...U", which is a culmination of the years abroad and inspired by the various projects and relationships in which he was involved. His continued experiments in bass, visual arts, performance and turntablism are not to be missed - you can track Mickey's progress on his regular Gaialive Podcast at this address. http://www.gaialive.com/spacestation Also keep you ear to the ground and don't miss the energy of his off the wall live show. We're goddam happy to have him back...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I play internationally at European Festivals, Austrlaian Festivals, Asian Events and back to Europe this summer
Your musical influences
Turntablism, DJ, scratch music - a happy DJ Shadow or Kid Koala, unique mix of hip hop, jazz, dub, soul. Mickey is a minimalist and live accoustic turntablist.
What equipment do you use?
lots of borrowed equipment.
Anything else?
first single from E.P is Hey Mickey. Nothing brings us closer to the 80s than the sound of Toni Basil and her cheerleaders, ushering in the pop culture that was to sweep away everything that had come before. Bubblegum lyrics, and equally chewy dance routines were no obstacle to the success of the original and in this 2007 reworking Mickey Morphingaz rebrands himself as the archetypal 21st century cheerleader, leading from the decks, and sending out the call we know and love so well... Hey Mickey you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind... http://www.gaialive.com/spacestation/?q=node/22
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