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Mitchell - Clark
Mitchell - Clark
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Jazz, Blues, Electronic, Experimental, Fusion, Scottish soul
This is a project I did long distance with Keyboardist Colin Mitchell and singer Paula Mitchell. I worked in my studio in Connecticut, USA and Colin and Paula recorded their tracks in their studio in West Lothain, Scotland UK. We used RocketNetwork (now defunked) to work via the internet to a central server. All of this content was up on the old mp3.com, and I figured I'd give it a new home here.
Band/artist history
Colin, Paula and I completed 3 CDs via RocketNetwork. We've all been playing for quite a while. Colin and Paula are full time musicians for a living (and it shows!). I've been doing the 9 to 5 corporate thing of late, but still play as much as possible and am currently looking for a new project to take out live.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Due to geography (Colin and Paula are in the UK and I'm in the US) we are not able to play live with this project. We all do play live with other projects.
Your musical influences
We have way too many to list, but we all love: Steely Dan Robben Ford Yellow Jackets Pat Metheny Miles Davis Pink Floyd (you get the idea)
What equipment do you use?
Colin plays a Korg Trinity (among many other keyboards) I play a Brian Moore C90 and a custom BC Rich guitar through a rack of many toys...
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