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MaGiK th3 TraGiK
MaGiK th3 TraGiK
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house of mystery
Peak in sub-genre #81
It's horrorcore!What more can i say?I have alot of pent up rage and anger so I release it with a pen.All the people I know seem to like it and it makes me feel better so fuck it!If you like it and want to do some colab shit just hit me up here or at www.myspace.com/gravestreetentertainment Well there u have it. enjoy!
Band/artist history
It's just me!! I'm the product of an abusive childhood!There you have it.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Well i havent had a show yet. im still in the process of recording all my music.It's been a pretty long process to get that shit done.I'm also looking for a partner for the grave street hustlas project.If interested hit up the myspace site.
Your musical influences
My musical influence?Well I'm a juggalo!The music put out by psychopathic records has helped me keep what lil bit of sanity i have.I relate to it.So I guess my music is similiar.But alot different.I'm an individual not a clone.
What equipment do you use?
A PC and a shitty mic.I use adobe audition to record but unfortunately I dont have space for it at the moment.
Anything else?
Much Clown LOve to the juggalos and juggalettes who check this shit out!