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ClaAs, is a rapper from Down South that isnt stuck doing what Southern Rap is known for...he brings the Heat, and speaks whatever is on his mind at all times..
Attention Please f/McNastee
I Dunno Why
Glorified 4 Television(w/MARZ)
Band/artist history
ClaAs has been in the game for only 3 years now, but already people can see that he will soon be something to watch for. Starting off in 1999 in the group Full Scale Riot, many saw that ClaAs then known as MK, was ready for Stardom, from his immaculate Stage prescense to his strong writing style ClaAs was ready for anything. Full Scale Riot released their debut EP "Renaissance of the Masses" to an overwhelming response, with no label backing and selling Cds outta the trunk of their cars and on websites, FSR sold many copies of that debut EP. MK(ClaAs) then realized that he had a gift that many others believe in, but never pursue, and despite working, and being a Full Time College student, he decided to also pursue his Dream and make his gift worth peoples time. ClaAs then began a solo Ep away from the FSR aura, that he gave away free for download on his personal website (www.destructionofwhatsnot.com), with songs like "Superman" and "Misinterpretation" the solo Ep was also a success. ClaAs then began recording more songs, so that people could keep up with him, wondering if a FSR reunion was in the works, but with no FSR cd in site, he set his eyes towards achieving the goals he set out for himself the first day he rapped... ClaAs then began going to Rap Battles and finding new ways to do shows and new ways to express himself to make people see him as something special, eventually changing his name from MK to ClaAs and starting work on a solo LP to Debut in the Fall of 2003, ClaAs has been a nonstop work horse, with writing song after song, recording over and over until its perfect and honing his skills. Its easy to see that ClaAs is ready for the Future, but is the Future ready for ClaAs -written by: A925(D.o.W.N.com Webmaster)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing Live, i would like to take my show out to other states and show more and more people how good i really am
Your musical influences
i like all kinds of music, its weird but i am a rapper yet, i am into Punk, Alterna-Rock, as well as some mellow stuff, but it all helps me with my own music
Anything else?
Props to all my homies, and everyone that digs my shit, whether youve been down since day 1 or are reading this right now like "who the ... is this cat", its all about music and making people understand and thats what i like to do, thats why i do it, and thats why i will continue to press on no matter how hard times get
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