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hip-hop instrumentals
YO! If you are reading this you are probably cool. GOOD FOR YOU! Way to not totally suck. You are also probably interested in acquiring some production. These beats are all up for grabs for a reasonable price. We are all artists struggling just to survive, let alone create something fresh, so make me an offer and I'm sure we can work out a deal that is fair for both of us. Oh yeah, some of these beats are already in use, I just have them up here to show yall what I got. So don't be devastated if one of the joints you hear is taken; there is more than enough heat to go around. If I find the time, I'll indicate which ones are unavailable.
Band/artist history
Rappin since forever, producing since summer '05. Trenton born/ Levittown raised/ been around the world/ the music, Philly-based. Basically, I 'm tryin to make some HipHop. Get at me.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have done many shows in Philadelphia at Fluid, Liquid Charm, the Jukebox 941, the Arts Garage, and Medusa Lounge. The show at Medusa with Dj I.M., Dj Rest, and Dj Ghost with Charlie K was Dope. Shouts to Dom P from Public Axis for hooking that up. Best night of my life.
Your musical influences
Influences include, but are not limited to: The self-similar nature of reality, in which all systems are parallel and Love is the only truth Music: Tool, Metallica, Kottonmouth Kings, Eminem, Big L, Yagu fu Front, Tribe Called Quest, Rage Against the Machine, Early Marilyn Manson, ICP, Tupac, Busta, Biohazard, Stuck Mojo, Benny Goodman, the Beatles(duh), ah, Primo, Kanye, Neptunes, Jigga, Biggie, Del, Alchemist, and Every Local Emcee I rock with influences me heavily. Art: Dali, Chuck Close, Warhol, Carvagio, Michelangelo, Comedy/Tragedy ATHF, Will Ferral, Vince Vahgn Neccesity Desire
What equipment do you use?
I use a PC with Reason 3.0, Steinberg Cubase, A Numark TT-100 and stax of wax, a Korg Triton, and an Imagination.
Anything else?
Hey yey yey yey, Smoke weed every day. Well, not EVERY day, but you get the idea.
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