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The Rhythm Syndicate
The Rhythm Syndicate
3 Tracks
Smokin' Hot Jump Blues, R&B, and Funk
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When you've been around almost 10 years you must be doing something right. The Rhythm Syndicate have clearly been doing just that since the mid 90's, when guitarists Pat Sandy and Angelo Ciu first met up at one of the many Thursday night jam sessions at the legendary Savannah nightclub in Westlake. It was there that the idea to form a band was hatched and recruiting began. It didn't take long to find like-minded hepcats and soon, the bluesy, finger-poppin', swing-a-rama sound of The Rhythm Syndicate was established. Sandy and Ciu are joined by the tenor sax sounds of Kevin Dyckes and the lock-step drumming of John Yencha. The band is further rounded out with Lincoln Adams on the bass . Together, The Rhythm Syndicate can light up a club in ferocious swingin' fashion, and suddenly take it down to a whisper without breaking a sweat. They'll throw in the occasional rock classic, and after satisfying that itch, head right back to blues... or maybe some swing, or even a touch 'o jazz...all guaranteed to get feet moving and bellies rubbing. And for 2006, The Rhythm Syndicate have finally released their long-awaited self-titled debut cd - twelve tunes of uncompromising Syndicat vibe! The Syndicate's got blues you can use...to spare. Check 'em out sometime, but a word of caution: you'll be staying late.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live shows Northern Ohio in Cleveland/Akron areas
Your musical influences
Jump Blues, Swing, R&B, Funk, Soul, Rock, Jazz
What equipment do you use?
Primarily Fender Amps & Guitars, David Eden Bass Amp,
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