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Joshuah! Rachel Chandler-BV's-Piano Terry Lewis-Guitars-Hair-Fingers Steve Weston-Harmonica Phil Aldrige -Drums,Percussion & Dustbins joshuah-vocals-unGra
LOVE - YHVH Joshuah! "A Turtle In Paris" (Final Mixes September 27th RELEASE DATE - September 2009) "MOON DROPS IN THE RAIN".....................................................................!? All my material,past and present is wholy the property of my daughter Hannahh Perry Kalsi 04-07-2009 "Seeking the truth-however painful-probably my own vast failings! - see that great pile of sins-Yeah-they're yet again probably most likely - all mine - but i'm working on it!" ALL THESE SONGS WORK IN PROGRESS MONITOR MIXES (12 more for TURTLE ALBUM- still recording) FROM THE FORTHCOMING "A TURTLE IN PARIS" album. DOWNLOADas much as you wish! (2009) 25SEPT "WISH" No1 AGAIN THANX! (07) 23 AUGUST "WISH" No1* AVANT ROCK CHARTS (07) 24 August "WISH" No 2* ALTERNATIVE CHARTS (07) 25 AUGUST "WISH" No 1 AVANT ROCK CHARTS (07) 27 August "WISH" No 1 Avant Charts (07) SEPT "HOLD ON" No14 Classical Charts (07) DESTINATION PLANET EARTH j0shuah - Landed somewhere on Planet Earth gently between a crotchet and a quaver within the global artistic community area and had this ridiculous idea that possibly throwing around ideas and crushing melodies, whilst collaborating with like minded melody magicians, could quite possibly be somewhat slightly more constructive and creative than watching T.V watching people throwing around bombs and bullets! HELLO! Along comes a girl in a wine bar on a stupendously sunny Sunday who can really set your spirit free when she plays the violin and who just happens to know a guy who can do things on a guitar for which you could quite possibly get arrested -who also uses a studio owned by a chap who can play the drums and dustbins like a flying Eagle who in turn has the phone number of a guy with a suitcase full of Harmonica's and lord can he play. They in turn collided into me and still haven't sussed it yet how good they really are at bringing my little tunes to life and that without them this little light doesn't shine as nearly so brightly. (Love you Hannahh every second - every minute - of every hour of every day! daddy x) (MIKE GARSON - I WANT YOU TO WORK WITH ME.) This guy is the most fantastic free style pianist Ive ever heard!!! EVER The Parisian Players - Melody Magicians ! So Far..... Rachel Chandler - Violin - B.V's Terry Lewis - Guitars - Hair & Fingers Steve Weston - Harmonica & a suitcase full of Harmonica's! Phil Aldrige - Drums - Percussion - Bass - Keyboards - Dustbins HHPK-Inspiration! joshuah - vocals - simple guitar (idiot proof) - keyboards- unGrand Piano - songs -words (Initial Production on WISH - NIGHTDRIVE - BODY- Song for Hannahh (24/7) -joshuah-dave ball (soft cell) - ingo) All Joshuah Still Photography lredwood79@yahoo.co.uk
Band/artist history
The place for the past is where we left it! Simply living in the eternal moment of the present - here and now. Presently 2009 Still writing,recording & arranging tracks for the "A Turtle in Paris" and "TUSK" Albums . Rachel Chandler - Violin - Vocals Phil Aldrige - Drums - Percussion - Bass - Keys -Engineering..... Terry Lewis - Guitars - Hair & Fingers Steve Weston - Harmonica & a suitcase full of Harmonica's! Joshuah- vocals - simple guitar (idiot proof) - keyboards - unGrand Piano - Songs HHPK - Inspiration! XXXX Please note initial production on noted tracks-joshuah, dave ball & ingo) l Coming Soon June 2009- Joshuah Official Websites - www.joshuahonline.com - www.joshuahonline.co.uk - www.joshuahonline.eu
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Joshuah as an outfit will perform the "A Turtle in Paris " album live throughout Europe Winter 2009. .
Your musical influences
HANNAHH!,girlfiends & broken hearts! - prokoviev,Orff,Bach,paganini... (loads of classical),kate bush,,freddie - queen - original line up only,david bowie stevie wonder,joshuah kalsi,michael nyman,joni mitchell,jeff buckley,coldplay,gershwin,monseratte cabale,peter sehmi,japan,snow patrol,stones,roxy music,tears for fears,mozart,sting,marvin gaye.carl orff,led zep,talking heads,david sylvian,abba,evanescsence,fine young cannibals,Luther Vandross,Budda Bar music,Mowtown,prince,madonna,bjork,michael jackson,quincy jones,the editors,enya,Joss Stone,sex pistols ,ravi shankar,the stranglers,U2,brian eno," The list is endless,I love great songs & don't mind what style or guise they come in-rap-rock-opera-jazz-classical. Especially great writers and composers.
What equipment do you use?
Talented Musicians and Melody Magicians!
Anything else?
All thanx and gratitude to YHVH - the Higher Spirit & everybody who is helping us to get our music out there and heard.Everybody regardless of gender race colour or creed welcome to the Urban Spirit Kollective. TUSK
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