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Krypto Man
Krypto Man
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Wut up it's Krypto from the soon to be infamous Rap group Jynx Inc. got my own Ish now own page on soundclick finally.
Band/artist history
well I started rapping in 9th grade so about fve years ago. and started off by making a record company and got in a group j-inc changed the name droped a member got another member dropped that member broke up and now we have a line up. for Jynx Inc. Big dex (MC) Syndromik (MC/Producer/Beats) CBK (Beats) and myself Krypto Man (MC/Hype/Manager) but this is my story so now after coming to an agreement we set Jynx on the side burner and started working on solo albums which has got to be so exausting for Syndromikbut hay more money right after these are done we'll be working on a mix tape.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
hell yeah at parties when I get wasted and then all these peeps are like rap so I rap bust out some lines and they all get roudy so I guess I do my job
Your musical influences
Sage, Anti-con, Asop, Adeem, KRS, Scott La Rock, Yellow Snow(song), Gym Class Heroes, Swollen Members, Lupa, ... all music is an influence it just dippends on how it influences me or everything is influational (however you spell that)
What equipment do you use?
well books are some arsinal that I use, a nice studio mic ... um my influences, pen pencil note pad envilopes, computer and on acation as you can see not very often SPELL CHECK
Anything else?
uh power to the people who use it those who don't learn. yeah that sounds good
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