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Strate Crooked
Strate Crooked
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Strate Crooked arrives on the scene as a musical proposal for the 2000's. Their vocals permeate the air waves and media internationally. A diverse team of five producers from Guatemala, Los Angeles, and New York, compose the sound for their Hip Hop projects. Los Angeles gave birth to the young duo. However, they travel constantly to Latin America to promote their music world wide. Strate Crooked recently debuted with their themed album, "Freedom Cost Blood: Are You Willing to Pay? vol. 5." The independent label UO Productions released this in September of 2005. Consequently distributing units in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Guatemala City. Currently Strate Crooked is in the studio working on two productions. Their album Green Hits will be released late 2006. Their first tour through Latin America is scheduled for 2007. Also coming in 2007 a documentary about the duo. These activities are coordinated with a publicity timing plan, a marketing plan, and a promotional team. Strate Crooked resides in Guatemala City, C.A. at the present time. Chicago, Illinois native Yung Lee and Guatemalan born T-li make up the duo better known as Strate Crooked. The two met and grew up in Los Angeles, California. Strate Crooked had its genesis in 1998. The artists write their own songs in English, Spanish, and French, and mayan languages. They have similar musical influences ranging from Run DMC and Public Enemy to N.W.A. and Above the Law to Mos Def and Dead Prez. Their production team provides beats from different parts of the world. They have performed for international dignitaries as well as appeared on national and international radio, television, and newspapers. Strate Crooked is signed to UO Productions whose network includes Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Paris, Spain and Mexico, with headquarters in the city of Guatemala. Strate Crooked is an international act. They are under the indie record label UO Productions. Currently They are promoting their first studio album "Freedom Cost Blood: Are You Willing to Pay? vol 5. The first singles "Freedom Riders" and "Impact" hit the airwaves in the U.S., Latin America, and Asia. They are scheduled to tour Latin America and Europe in 2007.
Band/artist history
T-li and Yung One Lee are both members of the hip hop duo Strate Crooked. They each write their own lyrics and have pursued a musical career for the past eight years. The mc known as T-li is Guatemalan born. The lyricist Yung One Lee is a Chicago native. The two artists met and grew up in Los Angeles, California. Strate Crooked came together in 1998.Their recent release on the indie label UO Productions is entitled, "Freedom Cost Blood: Are You Willing to Pay? vol 5. This was released in September of 2005. The sound for this album was crafted by five producers from the U.S. and Latin America. Together they managed to capture the character of the duo. Some of the live guitars, of artists such as Giani from Project Jive, add a special touch to the project. Strate Crooked is currently in the studio working on their next two productions. The up coming album Green Hits is expected to be out at the end of 2006. The duo is scheduled to begin touring Latin America and Europe as early as spring of 2007, T.Y.N.E executive producer. Three Five Studios, Essounds, USCO. Presentations Guatemala 2005: Date Place Event 09/02/2005 Federación de Boxeo, GT Fight Pre show 09/02/2005 Tropicalida FM Buen Día Radio Show 09/08/2005 Channel 7 Aló que tal América TV Show 09/11/2005 Siglo XXI Newspaper News Article 09/15/2005 Three Five Studios Album Release Convention 09/17/2005 Channel 7 Mundo Joven Morning Show 09/24/2005 Colegio Italiano Fishside skate show 10/04/2005 Infinita FM Sessions Radio Show Interview 10/01/2005 Garra Chapina Concert Signing Autographs 10/04/2005 Channel 7 RTV TV Show 10/08/2005 4 Grados Norte Promotion Appearance 10/12/2005 Xtrema FM Noon Radio Show 10/15/2005 Sound Factory Concert (free CD with entrance) 10/17/2005 Radio Universidad FM Interview 10/29/2005 Guatemala U.S.A. TV Interview 11/04/2005 Guatevision TV Marta Susanas Show Appearance 11/07/2005 Tropicalida Buen Día Radio Show 11/10/2005 Concha Acústica GT Concert 11/11/2005 Tapas UO Productions Hip Hop Party 11/12/2005 Tapas UO Productions Reggaeton Party 11/17/2005 BullDogs Club Strate Crooked / Ghanjah Man Concert 12/17/2005 Prensa Libre Newspaper UO Productions / Hip Hop Article 12/17/2005 Tapas UO Productions Reggaeton Party 12/18/2005 Siglo XXI Newspaper Strate Crooked / Ghanjah Man Article 01/14/2006 Flores, Peten Strate Crooked concert 01/30/2006 Yo Si Sideral FM Radio Interview 01/30/2006 Atmosfera FM Radio Interview 02/03/2006 GuateAmala Forums UO Productions Concert
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do shows all over Latin America, currently were setting up a promotional tour thru central and south america.
Your musical influences
Poverty, Opression, Revolution, consciosness.
What equipment do you use?
Mac G5 Quad with Digidesign 002 interface on Protools 7.1. We produce our songs on the MPC, ASRX Pro, live Bass players, pianos live scratches, live samples, Live guitarist, Project 5 , Reason, Fruity loops, Logic Pro, some live drums and Madd Creativity.
Anything else?
What people think about Strate Crooked.... "Ryhme with a reason. Edgefull, impactful, punch throwing lyrics over staccato beats. Deep emotive songs with a boxers cadence." Mixing Engineer for UO Productions -Filo "Strong hip hop, dense. A distinct sound...international projection." Journalist for Siglo XXI -J.P.Dardon "No one escapes from the acoustic hypnosis that this music provokes in its listeners...lyrics, through which they attempt to send a message of consciousness to the public. Strate Crooked, one of the most popular in the country." Reporter for Prensa Libre -Alfredo Vicente "A powerful and well delivered rhyme. The album was produced under high quality control. Their proposal is positivity." Journalist for Al Dia -Andrea Taracena "Great sound mixed with great lyrics. Makes you think. Perfect balance between sound, lyrics, and style. Good energy, very passionate." T.V. Producer and Radio Announcer -Gabriela Orozco "Its refreshing to hear music with a solid message, delivered with passion. It seperates itself from the steady garbage that has infiltrated the music today." -Black Market Clothing The sound of Strate Crooked touches your mind thru your ears, rap with a real reason, they speak for those who cant USCO Mindlabs -Dj Urban 01 Most artists out today rely on anything but conciousness to sell, Strate Crooked's lyrics will make you think about changing your world view. Producer for UO Productions -Vector