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I am a Solo-producer that occasionally collabs for the sake of teaching those who do not know how to produce. I have been making beatz/instrumentals since October of 2005, with a 6 month break bewteen that time and the current, but now i'm back and everything got real when people started to notice that I wasn't an ameature anymore, and could admit that I drop dope patterns. I am the farthest thing from cocky, but I take my music producing seriously, and am very competitive. My saying is that you can only elevate, cuz why take steps if your not going anywere kna-da-da-mean? Well I was born in Long Beach, but was raised in San Diego County with its up's and down's. So basically sum up the kind of person that I am would have to be in 4 short words... Music Is My Life ....Nuff Said.... I am Signed to Real Musik Rekordz, and here are the niggaz that ride with me. The few, the proud, the undenyably dope... Mitch Stewart a.k.a IntaFlex or Flex Colin Stewart a.k.a Mack Cee or MD-Cla6 Myles Boatner a.k.a. Diatribe or D.T.
Band/artist history
October 2005-began using FL 5 April 2006-Started cutting tracks with rappers such as A.Flick, Stranga, Incoming Crew, etc. October 2006-Took break that ended in December December 2006- Pro Tools 7.3, new mic, new mixer, new Midi Board, Sample Tank 2, REASON all purchased, and I began to use them January 2007- Enrolled at Palomar College in Computer Music Advanced, but then i got locked up and had to quit the course March 2007-Started working actively with Real Muzik Rekordz, and working with Hi Roller Records, and small indie labels in North Carolina, and Florida
Have you performed in front of an audience?
San Diego, I work with some Catz in South East that do shows up there. Im 17 so they wont let me into the show, but im working on it, since its my instrumentals
Your musical influences
It really varies. If the beat is good sounding and better than my own, then I can often be inspired.
What equipment do you use?
SAMSON MDR624-Mixer AT3035-Studio Microphone M-AUDIO (Mobile-Pre; Sound Interface via Microphone)-Sound Interface M-Audio Card-Interface for various equipments Axiom 49-MIDI Keyboard w/ knobs, faders, presets, trigger finger pads, etc. Pro Tools 7.3- MBOX Mini2 SampleTank 2-Huge Sound bank used in PT
Anything else?
Prices on rights to instrumentals are as follows: $50-Lease $350-Exclusive (Original program file, Wav. form of instrumental as well) -Any Instrumentals used on CD's made by ::RMR:: that you take interest in, you may still lease it, but you will have to consult with Mitch Stewart the C.E.O. of ::RMR::.
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