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Chief Beef
Chief Beef
3 Tracks
rock, indie, progressive, instrumental, jam, unconventional, melodic, experimental, straight-forward, uptempo, dark, pop...
3 piece rock band from Phoenix, Arizona formed on October 19, 2004. Our debut album, "Something About Rock" is available on and it's affiliated distributors Worldwide!!
Band/artist history
Flash back circa 2001/02, John and Christine Lipfert were playing in After Any Accident. Stewart Alaniz shared the stage at many AAA shows in his band, the Real Diffs Deluxe. The two bands complimented each other well on stage, each walking a fine line between math and other rock influences. Flash forward to October 2004. Both bands had broken up, as bands do. John and Christine were hanging out at the Hollywood Alley in Mesa, AZ and ran into Stewart, who asked if they wanted to get together and jam a bit. John was approached right around the same time by the video game music rock band Minibosses to replace departing guitarist Fred Johnson. John accepted, and in turn approached Minibosses guitarist Aaron Burke to share guitar duties in the new group with Christine and Stewart. The group jammed for several months, picked out the name Chief Beef, and played their first show on March 31st, 2005. The response was immediately positive. The rest of 2005 was spent refining the bands sound, and playing many shows around the Phoenix area and beyond. By the end of 2005, Chief Beef had shared the stage with several great touring bands such as Nomeansno, Triandodge, Riddle of Steel, the Sleeping People and others. Aaron chose to part ways amicably with the band at the end of 2005 to rekindle a previous effort in Other Voices with former members of Death of Marat. John, Christine and Stewart continued on as a three piece and recorded their debut album, Something About Rock in June/July 2006. The album is 11 songs of solid rock and roll, with powerful guitars, bass and drums accented by melodic vocal harmonies. Recorded by veteran Larry Elyea at Minds Eye Digital whose studio work has won many awards and includes an impressive list of clients. 2007 all we have doing is playing shows and writing new material for our upcoming EP we plan to record this November. Chief Beef plans to tour regionally in support of their new EP. For additional information, sound clips, show dates and more, check out www.chiefbeefband.com and www.myspace.com/chiefbeef.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Denton, Austin, Albuquerque, Flagstaff... see our entire list of cities, venues, and bands we've shared the stage with
Your musical influences
Traindodge, Tool, Muse, Tortoise, Chavez, Life and Times, Dropsonic, Mercury Program, Riddle of Steel, Bloc Party, Jimmy Eat World, The Channels, DJ Shadow, Radiohead, Houston, The Melvins, Isis, These Arms Are Snakes, Hot Snakes, Drive Like Jehu, Mars Volta, Queens of the Stone Age, Failure, Jawbox, Burning Airlines, At the Drive In, Shiner and many others...
What equipment do you use?
John: 2005 PRS Custom 22 (E standard tuning), 2005 Squier '51 (heavily modified, C standard tuning), Egnater by Rocktron TOL50 head, Marshall 1960AV cabinet, Boss TR-2 Tremolo, Boss TU-2 tuner, Boss DD-20 Gigadelay. Christine: Lakland Skyline Series Bob Glaub (E standard tuning), Fender parts P-bass (C standard tuning), Ampeg SVT-2 head, Ampeg 810E cabinet, Korg Rack tuner, USA Electro-Harmonix Big Muff, Keeley-modded ProCo Rat, Boss CE-2 chorus. Stewart: Vex Red Wine 12x9 rack tom and 16x18 floor tom. 24x18 White Pearl Master Series kick drum, 6 1/2x14 Ludwig brass snare, DW5000 double-kick pedal, Paiste 21" Signature Dry Heavy Ride, Zildjian 14" A Custom hi-hats, 18" and 19" A Custom Medium Rock Crashes, 16" A Custom Medium Thin Crash, Shure E2 Sound Isolating In Ear Earphones, Korg DIGITAL METRONOME MA-30, Rolls HA43 Headphone Mixer, Vater 5B wood tip sticks.
Anything else?
Please visit these sites and say hello:
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