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Morning Meditation
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Fluids Bio Fluid is an artist for the new millennium of Hip-Hop. Born and raised in Flint, Michigan home to MC Breed, The Dayton Family, and Ready For The World, Fluid grew up listening to blues great such as Johnny Taylor, Al Green, and Millie Jackson. Fluid moved to Los Angeles, Ca. ironically on September 13, 1996, the day the great Tupac Shakur passed away. Having been in LA for one year Fluid discovered his passion for writing. He got into the film industry and began working behind the scenes as an assistant director and a producer. I have worked in every area of the entertainment business, I want the young people to know you must diversify yourself and never give up, says a focused Fluid. In 1999 under the moniker of Lance Blazer, Fluid began what he calls a life changing project. He started writing a screenplay entitled Religion. In the year 2000 or Y2K as it was known around the world, Fluid was really starting to get busy, he co-directed and co-produced a music documentary with Video Factory Productions entitled Solo Moves: Rise and Fall of Independent Record Labels. After working with entertainment attorneys, artist, producers, and interviewing industry executives Mark Boyd and Alex Meija of Virgin Records, Fluid took all of the knowledge he accumulated from that project and was presented with an opportunity to start an independent music label in early 2001. It seemed like a natural progression to start a label after learning the ins and outs behind the scenes, says Fluid about starting a record label. In April 2001 Fluid along with R&B artist Malaysa began the process of building Maedae Records. Fluid has learned from some of the best. On Malaysas debut project entitled Finally!, Fluid worked with former engineer of Michael Jackson and had the album mastered by Bernie Grundman Studios which does mastering for hot local L.A. artist to the world renowned L.A. producer Dr.Dre. After moving to Atlanta, GA, the new Motown of the South as it was dubbed back in 2002, Fluid continued running Maedae Records. Handling publicity Fluid connected almost immediately with ATL Rolling Out Magazine. The record label folded at the end of 2002 and Fluid was at a crossroads. Having been on the daily grind in the industry for four years was hard work, like an everyday job. I wasnt on the video hype shit, I got burnt out! says a confident and edgy Fluid. After taking a year off, Fluid came back with a force of nature that is about to blow in Hip-Hop and stir the gumbo we call The Culture. With songs like Pieces of the Puzzle, which touches on the hypocrisy of the war, Osama Bin Laden, Brian Nichols, and financial security. Then theres Worship, the song that is going to capture the youth of American and beyond. Worship tells the young people not to be caught up in materialism and give God the praise. Featuring Bad Kat and Doolas from Infillitrate Ent. This song is going to wake up hip-hop says a very excited Fluid when speaking about his first single Hip-Hop 101: Hip Hop Rules The Culture. Last but not least is Morning Meditation, a melodic spoken word piece that touches on the past, present, and future of the hip-hop culture and beyond. Produced by Wizardy a twenty-year veteran in the music industry currently touring with the likes of New Edition, Con Funkshun, and Terry from En Vogue. On the infectious sax is Sutan also a veteran in the music industry currently touring. All of this is to promote unity in hip-hop, raise consciousness and awareness to the youth, and bring new talent to the forefront so as to put a new face on the hip-hop culture itself. Watch out for the upcoming film Religion, the new music soundtrack online, and get ready to witness the phenomenon and new sound call REVOLUTIONARY HARMONIC SOUND!
Band/artist history
Started in 1998. Will never stop!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, Atlanta, L.A. Flint, NY, NJ
Your musical influences
Tupac, Rakim, ZZ Hill,Public Enemy, Ice Cube,NWA, Curtis Mayfield.
What equipment do you use?
A mic and a pen.
Anything else?
Watch out for myspace pages and internet domination.