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Baby Rock
Baby Rock
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B. Rock: The Birth Of The Game
B. Rock, also known as "The Birth Of The Game", is the original founder/CEO of Nightmare Entertainment. Born and raised in Richmond, Virginia, Rock is also leader of the rap group ThoroughBredZ. Not only does he produce the tracks, he also is a very skilled lyricist. Creating countless classics such as "Rapper's Ambition", "One Of A Kind", "Ain't 'Bout Shit", and "Country As I Wanna Be", just to name a few. Known for his spectacular metaphores, complext vocabular, and creative wordplay, Rock is everything you could ever imagine in an up-coming artist. "Some people say that when I rhyme I remind them of Lloyd Banks of G-unit, thus giving me the title Banks of VA. Don't get me wrong, I have my own style, it's just that I've been following his career for a while now. Guess it kind of left an impression on mines." It's not everyday you find someone who loves their job as much as B. Rock does. Although currently unsigned, he has great potential to be the next big threat towards the hip hop community. "It doesn't faze me that I'm not signed by some big major record label. The way I look at it is simple: I'm founder/CEO of Nightmare Entertainment...I'm already signed". B. Rock has been rapping since the age of twelve and making beats as recently as 2004. For someone who is working with less than he can afford, his name as a lyricist still manages to stand tall in the league. "Being unsigned in a way is just like being signed, but harder. You have to earn your respect as well as your recognition. If you are not felt in your own 'hood, no one is going to listen to you." His solo album, "The Birth Of The Game", will soon be released on the streets for purchase. Further information has not yet been revealed.
Band/artist history
ThoroughBredZ, formely known as Verbal Assassins, was started by B. Rock in 1999. Not only is ThoroughBredZ one of the most popular underground crews in Viriginia, but also one of most productive. They have been featured across the internet on various hip-hop sites, some of which became popular for their mere presence. Sites such as allrecordlabels.com confirm that they are more than a group of lyricist, but an established business. Word on the street has it that B. Rock will soon be promoting a group directed at a more younger crowd called Undisputed, all which are and will be signed under the underground record label Nightmare Entertainment. Further information will be posted as it is recieved.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
As of now, I do not play live, but you can expect some up and coming shows in the near future.
Your musical influences
Music to me is more than being a gangsta and acting hard. I've been in the industry for over 8 years now, and in that time period I've incorperated various styles. I've always been a keen listener of music, so expecting me to sound like any one other than myself is irrelevant. I belen words together almost effortlessly, making "my" music to much better. I'm not conceited but to be honest, hip hop is dead. I'm here to change that statement!
What equipment do you use?
COMPAQ PRESARIO 1725 FL Studio 6.0.8 Producers edition EXPStudio Audio Editor
Anything else?
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