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Baby Southside
Baby Southside
31 Tracks
Cool, laid back, load trunk rattling, gangstafied street music
Game Over
Back On Da Block
Psychotic Therapy
Gettin Dat Pappa
I Gotta Go
Baby Southside - Hoodpolitics - Official Video
Baby southside aka MackGewlz CEO of South Bound Swervin Entertainment with two of the hottest LP releases under his belt Baby Soutside 100% Street Da Album and the hood anthem Da Wicked & Da Thurough Mid-West Thugs both albums continue to be street classics. Baby Southside is a highly respected Home project studio artist/engineer/producer who has been on the Chicago underground rap scene and began his music career in the late 80's early 90's producing acts like The Last Ghetto Poets, Hypnotic, Silverback, and manageing acts like Cold Blooded Mob, Jaunte', Papa P7, Lil Lunessy etc. Read the " Interview with the Editor" page on Baby Southside at www.Raptimez.com by Black Shirt Publishing The Interview basically speaks about Baby Southside the super producer interview with Cypher1 which they discuss todays rap game compared to late rap musics realness, music minded while growing up on the blocks of southside Chicago.
Band/artist history
My first act I worked with was The Divious Posse a three man group Lercy, Chris, and Big Chez we did shows and started the battle rap since the year 89 Fenger high school locker room days back in my early years then it poured out to the block it was a thing of repping our stumping grounds the Wild Wild 100's. After losing and gaining a few to societies trials and tribulations of life on the mean streets of the windy city, my craving for the rap game and MC'ing progressed to doing talent shows hopeing on a come up. All the late night rap sessions on the boards, in the control rooms of local underground home rap project studios cutting master copies and selling cd's at neigborhood rap meets. Then June 18 1999 was when South Bound Swervin Entertainment came to life. Baby Southside 100% Street Da Album was the first release project. with Mid-West thugs following soon after in 2002.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed live every Tuesday nights at The Sub Terannean located at North avenue & Damen in Chicago
Your musical influences
Eazy-E, Ice- T ice-cube, bootsie collins UGK Scarface etc.
What equipment do you use?
MPC-2000, Korg EM-1,Acid Pro, Cool-Edit Pro, T Racks, Planet Phat
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