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Jino and Royce
Jino and Royce
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Jino & Royce sing R&B Reggaeton, a more softer version. They hit real life topics, and bring out the other face of Reggaeton.
Here you will be faced with something out of the ordinary. Music brought back to its roots, with lyrics that are meaningful and powerful. Introducing Jino & Royce el duo "Real" These two up coming artists are revealing a side of reggeaton that has taken a dramatic twist to a different level. Through the concepts of their songs, they transform reality expressed into lyrics. Now they are here in 2006, for listeners to witness the ultimate phenomenal outcome of Jino & Royce. Website:Jino-Royce.com Myspace:www.myspace.com/jinoandroyce
Band/artist history
BIOS Jino:Rapper It's no secret, he goes by the name of "Jino-El Mensajero." He was born on March 17 in New York and was raised in Hunts point, The South Bronx where hip hop started. His loving Ecuadorian parents and three siblings support him with his desire of becoming a famous artist. As a struggling student in high school, Jino overcame all obstacles and earned his GED. He also became a graduate from Monroe College with his Associates degree of business administration, with his best interest is in music as an entrepreneur. As for his goal, it is to become a legendary artist that will inspire people all over the world by sending them a message. All his music has a lesson to be learned, this is why he goes by El Mensajero. Jino has a flavor for hip hop mixed with reggaeton and passionate music, which goes deep into your skin. His lyrical ability, creative style and poetic ways is felt in your heart, this makes him different and also special. The people that inspired him to follow his dreams were two pioneers named Tempo and 2pac, which wrote their music based on their life experiences and different encounters as he does now... Royce:Singer Author and composer of his own lyrics, Royce was born May 11 in The Bronx borough of New York. Although he was born an American, he considers him self to be Dominican coming from two Dominican parents. He was in his elementary schools chorus in the 4th grade but it wasnt until he turned 13 that he realized that he had a talent that not many people had. He then began to enter school talent shows, and take a few vocal lessons in his schools choir. Like any other teenager Royce enjoys hanging out with his friends, watching baseball, playing video games, and writes poetry and music as one of his hobbies. Royce has a love for Bachata and R&B music, keeping artists like Aventura and Usher, as an inspiration to his music. Although Royce had an interest in singing R&B, he wanted to take his music to the Latin community knowing that he truly had Hispanic blood. He could never find the right genre of music to enter into, until the new era of Reggaeton was discovered. A combination of Reggaeton and R&B was the creation that Royce began to adapt to as he sang to a Reggaeton instrumental. He then met Jino, and began to experiment with their unique mixes, showing the more sensitive, and emotional side of Reggaeton. Royce has the challenge to keep up with his music to try to accomplish the goal of simply showing the public that Reggaeton can also give a significant message to the troubles that the world is going through...
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live where ever we can get our hands on. We hit all types of stages, with audiences of all ages. It is always very fun to share with the audience and see their reaction to our music, and have them sing along with our tracks.