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Moker Jarrett
Moker Jarrett ASCAP with Lucky Stiff, a classic rock group from Jacksonville, Florida has released Ready to Fly a new CD under Run to the Sun Publishing/ASCAP.
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97 songs
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01 East Nashville.mp3
Rough writer's worktape- Joe Ryan -lyric Moker Jarrett -music. Headed to Nashville with the highest of hopes and going through what the 99% go through waitin' for that big break.
Something I Can't Do
Americana sytyle song about a fella too weak to keep it together enough to keep his girl around to enjoy. Another Joe Ryan/ Lyrics Moker Jarrett/ Music worktape All Rights Reserved
My Drinking Problem Just Drove Away
My good friend Joe Ryan, an up and coming lyricist with a wealth of life experiences to pull from, gave me a shot at coming up with some music for this. Just a Rough worktape here for now.
Baby Blues
Hoffman/Jarrett/-original version Gilbert/Gregg-added as authors for cut version
Shenandoah River
On the banks of the Shenandoah River Lovers contemplate the depth of their love and the life ahead of them. writers Tom Yeager/Moker Jarrett-ASCAP demo by A1A Audio Productions
Moker Jarrett grew up in the coastal area of Northeast Florida. His dad was a coach and one of his coaching buddies gave Moker his nickname at around age six. Obviously it stuck like glue. The folk masses at St. Paul's were among his first guitar/vocal conquests and that has turned into a lifetime of writing and performing songs. In addition to his dad, his granny and mom were big influences of his outlook on life. My wife gives me a huge dose of support to continue writing at this level. Country has become a favorite genre of Moker's and his main co-writer, Dale Peaden from Panama City Florida shares 13 of the 17 cuts on the recently released CD "Cut This". This team shares a mix of uptempos and heartfelt tunes and is sure to be on their way to garnering a string of country hits. You'll go away humming the melodies and chorus lines and these songs draw you in and make you feel like you're right there in the story. Still performing at local festivals Moker's group "Moker Jarrett with Lucky Stiff"a Jacksonville Florida based power trio is a collection of veteran performers (Moker Jarrett from Jacksonville, guitars, vocals, & songwriter, Jim Rohl,from Cincinnatti drums, Billy Smith, from Philadelphia, bass guitar, & vocals) commited to having a good time, writing cuttable original material for the country and pop/rock markets, and stayin' true to our roots of music with a groove. Music should make your body move!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
In and around Jacksonville, Florida
Your musical influences
Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Oasis, Jimi Hendrix, Jeffrey Steele, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Chuck Cannon, Bob Di Piero, Jeff Beck, Al Anderson, Joe Bonamassa
What equipment do you use?
Mackie, DW, Rivera,Fender, Gibson, Rhode, Protools, Takamine, Yamaha, Taylor Guitars, Elixir Strings,ElectroVoice.
Anything else?
Alot of the music listed is from our classic rock cd "Ready To Fly"...and now the recently released "Cut This" is a collection of Nashville demos done over the past 6 months or so.
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Good song which deserves a higher rating on the charts. Good arrangement and musicianship. Thanks, Lew Dawg Cloninger, MrHillbilly49, The Stray Dawgs
very smooth vocals well written
What a wonderful piece of music! I love it. Top notch pickin and strummin and the heart of it all: VOCALS! Well, you do make candles cry! Cheers from Frankfurt, Germany Andreas
Beautiful song and meaningful message! Spinning on Teardrops & Roses Soundclick station!
Wow, what a beautiful song, absolutely love it. I'm a fan! I love the lyrics, and the production. 5 Stars, well done. Michele Aussie fan from down under
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