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Remember the Cold Rain
Remember the Cold Rain
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From 1989 to 1999, Cold Rain played hundreds of gigs around New England and made thousands of friends and fans. Our shows were always a community party and the energy and soul of the music flowed freely. Mixing the sounds of acoustic and dirty guitars, great vocals and an assortment of other instrumentation, the band alternates between solid rock and heavy folk. The music made available here was recently remastered from old recordings but, in my opinion, it's cleaned up very well. While some of the music feels a bit dated to me, I am making it all available because it shows the progression of the band, our musical skills and songwriting ability over a series of years. So, help all of us to remember Cold Rain. I know people are out there who still have cassettes of our music that they lovingly care for in fear that the tape could snap at any moment (or that they won't be able to find a cassette player in a store or car anymore!). This is for you. Share it and pass it around. That's what the Mikes in the band always wanted anyway. -- Rouge
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not any more but we played lots before we "retired".
Your musical influences
I'd have to say our music was shaped by almost everything we heard throughout the 70s, 80s and early 90s. From Dylan through to Pearl Jam, we incorporated lots of qualities into our music.
Anything else?
I'd like to dedicate all this music to everyone who ever spent a moment going out of their way to listen to Cold Rain. Enjoy it and let others hear it as well. And if you have any great Cold Rain memories, feel free to post them in the forum!
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